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Movie-Inspired Travel Tours

What do Skaftafell Glacier Lagoon, Empire State Building, Big Ben, and Middle Earth have in common? Hollywood, of course. These iconic sites were once features in major film such as James Bond, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Lord of the Rings. Now, the tourism industry is making a buck through these movie-inspired travel tours. To get your 15-minutes of fame and walk in the famous shoes of a hotshot celebrity, check out these trips below.

James Bond Bus Tour | LondonStep into the world of 007 as you meander around town in search for the famous 007 screen shots. Try to spot a real secret agent at the MI6 HQ or one of many sites including St Petersburg Square (Goldeneye), M’s briefing location (Tomorrow Never Dies) and shots from Skyfall. Walk in the footsteps from Ian Flemming, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | IcelandSee the best of the best from Walter Mitty and more with a tour of eastern and southern Iceland. Discover massive waterfall, Gullfoss and Europe’s largest national park, Skaftafell Glacier Lagoon. Tour highlights include a Viking sushi boat tour, Blue Lagoon and Black Sand beaches of Southern Iceland. 

Lord of the Rings Tour | New ZealandTravel through middle earth as you discover the secret hot-spots from the Lord of the Ring Movies. Half day and full day packages are available for all budgets. Take a 4WD vehicle to access Mt. Sunday/Edoras or stand in the very place where King Theoden completed his speech to Rohirrim. Explore the best of NZ’s atmosphere from geysers to mountain peaks.

Adventures by Disney “Frozen” | NorwayTake a stroll through quaint villages and majestic pathways as you visit the cartoon-inspired movie, Frozen. River raft through the Norwegian waters and listen to storytellers in Fjord Country. This family-friendly vacation features activities such as folk dancing, net fishing and family bonding time.

Hawaii Movie Tour | KauaiExplore the best of paradise, from Hollywood’s perspective. Eat lunch at Tahiti Nui, which was filmed in George’s Clooney, “The Descendants.” Or take a walk through Kapaa town, specially featured in Jurassic Park. Discover waterfalls, bays, beaches and cafes featured in Hollywood films, old and new including popular movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Tropic Thunder, Six Days Seven Nights and Blue Hawaii.

Savannah Movie TourThis famous 90-minute tour visits some of Hollywood’s most recognizable locations. See clips and visit historic locations from movies such as Forrest Gump, Glory. Roots, Something to Talk About, The Conspirator, and Savannah.


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