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Halong Bay, Vietnam: Where mystical dragons should live

joji / iStock / thinkstock.com

Have you ever been sitting on your couch watching a film like The Last Dragon and wondering if dragons really ever existed? Well then, have you ever heard of Halong Bay? This place looks like it could be home to dragons to this day. This magnificent bay has all the ingredients for a winged sea beast to have deep slumbers and pillage townsfolk. Well, maybe you don’t believe in dragons, but anyway this is one of the most mystical locations I’ve ever gazed upon. The bay itself is surrounded by rolling Asian hills and within the bay exists spectacular limestone formations that jut right out of the water. They’re amazing to see as you ride through the water on one of the 600+ old wooden tourist boats in the bay. Heavy mists frequent the bay and cover the over 500 million year old limestone formations in an eerie, mystical covering. All of this will combine to create a ancient oriental experience that will put dragons in your mind.

Hurry! Things are Changing
Like most incredible travel destinations; Halong Bay is becoming popular and over visited. The boats are starting to lose their charm. The once stained-wood boats are now being painted white; resulting in nasty, worn out boats instead of attractive, rustic ones. Also, there is no longer and swimming and diving. So, if you wanted to swim with the dragons you’ll have to search for that elsewhere. Despite these changes, the number of tourists is still increasing at an alarming rate. Probably enough to scare all the dragons away…

It’s Worth It!
The numbers of things to keep you away from Halong Bay is increasing every year, so get your ducks in a row and get over there. Just sitting on your couch and watching dragon films is not going to satisfy your fantasy desire! I was there a little bit ago and it was a fantastic experience. The 2 day trip seemed like the best option for me and I would say that it was plenty of time to experience the bay. The wooden junk boat, the squid fishing, the food, the karaoke night; it was magical. The only thing that would have made it the best trip ever would be if I did actually get to see a dragon!


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