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World's Best Travel Apps

As the world becomes more digital, this means travelers are treated to a lighter suitcase. No longer do we have to carry hand maps, printout airline tickets, hand compasses and calculators. Thanks to our smart phones, our phone is the one-stop shop for all your traveling needs. Each year new apps are released on IPhone and Android devices and we’re here to tell you about the top apps on the market for all your travel needs.

Google Maps
If you’re on the road, download Google Maps. This free app features GPS direction and the ability to search locations around the world. Although you will need internet connection, whether it’s a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection, you can always save a location if you land in a net-less city, and pop up the app to still have a city map available.

Say what’s up to your friends and loved abroad on WhatsApp. Avoid ridiculous roaming and international charges with WhatsApp. This talk, text and photo-sending app allows you to chat or call individuals around the world for free. But with any other app, you need internet connection. Day, night, holidays and weekends – sending messages is always free.

Most travelers have no idea how much to tip in different countries. Each country has its own lay of the land when it comes to generous tipping, especially in America. And most Americans have no idea that other countries do not tip at all. Tipulator is a tip calculator, which splits the bill and tips according to your country’s demand.

XE Currency
XE is a perfect tool to find the best rate your dollar. Airports, banks and currency exchanges all have a different rate. But thanks to XE you can save different denominations on your homepage. But make sure you download them before leaving your internet source, as you’ll need the internet to download each country’s currency. However, with what you have downloaded you can use the app without internet connection.

TripAdvisor is a beneficial tool for those who are on the go and need a quick recommendation on what to do or what hotel to choose. This free app welcomes unrestricted biases from all sorts of travelers, so beware of opinions and take a deep breath to calm your ego.

Those who constantly travel, especially abroad, may get lost in their time zone and forget to pay their bills. Check is an app that lets you schedule your bills using any payment method anywhere in the world. You will need Wi-Fi in order to utilize the app.

Pin Drop
There are two types of travelers, those who plan every minute of the trip and those who land in a new location ready to go with the flow of life. Pin Drop caters to the spontaneous traveler. It’s simple, you open the app and pindrop your location and let the app do the rest. It’ll show what’s in the neighborhood from restaurants to museums. Or you can use the user-made lists, which recommends the best of the local attractions.


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