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6 Craziest Travel Stories of 2013

Steve Mason / Photodisc / thinkstock.com

Travel is a beautiful thing but it definitely comes with its fair share of horror stories and unbelievable outcomes. It makes trips unforgettable and well, in some cases, might make a trip one you’d want to actually forget. Here are 6 of the craziest travel stories from 2013.

Grab the Duct Tape!
It all started on an Icelandic flight to New York in January 2013 when an older gentleman got a little bit too sauced up, and then the party really got started. The 46-year-old passenger became unruly after drinking excessively and proceeded to spit and hit other passengers. He also did the unthinkable… he began yelling that the plane was going to crash. Flight personal jumped to action to tame the intoxicated beast, using zip ties and duct tape to restrain him to his seat. The man was treated for intoxication at a hospital upon landing and was released with no charges.

Stinky Sailing
This year, Carnival had it’s fair share of cruise ship woes, but nothing compared to when over 3,000 passengers embarked on what they thought would be a magical adventure on the Carnival Triumph, but the ship became stranded 150 miles off the coast of Mexico instead. Passengers had to endure five days stuck on board with no hot water, limited food supplies, broken air conditioning units and…very few working toilets. With sweltering rooms and rotting food, it looked bad, but then shit really hit the fan (literally) when toilets began to overflow with urine and excrement blanketing the floors and walls of cabins.

The Slap Heard ‘Round the World
Crying babies on planes can be a bummer, but come on, we all know it’s just something you deal with and give those parents a break people! But on a flight from Minnesota to Georgia back in February, businessman Joe Rickey Handley found himself getting a little anxious when a mother seated next to him with her whimpering 19-month-old son wouldn’t quiet down. When the crying didn’t stop, Handley said a few choice words and slapped the aggravated babe. Flight attendants separated the passengers and Handley later pleaded guilty to a federal assault charge as a result of the baby’s swollen eye from the incident.

Flying Solo
An unaccompanied 9-year-old boy embarked on a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas from Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport this year, not only evading all security measures but boarding without a ticket as well. He was screened by TSA but managed to hop on the jet way when officers were distracted. He was eventually discovered on board the plane when attendants became skeptical that his name was not on the roster of children flying alone. He cheekily told them his parents were seated at the back of the plane, but the rouse was up and he was safely returned to his folks.

Climb of a Lifetime
In March 2013 the Internet was abuzz with reports that Russian photographer Vadim Makhorov and some friends broke the rules and managed to scale the Pyramids at Giza, Egypt. They were soon spotted by security guards and the fun was done, but not without the daring photographer capturing some spectacular photos of the pyramids from a rare angle–on top of one! His pictures have garnered envy, scolding, and amazement, but the biggest concern was the preservation of the ancient archeological wonders. Makhorov later apologized to Egypt and the world in an email to CNN.

Singing Sensation, Not So Much
An American Airlines flight traveling from Los Angeles to New York was forced to make an impromptu landing in Kansas City this year after a passionate passenger refused to stop belting Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” She was detained by authorities and escorted off the plane–singing the entire way. She later cited her diabetes as the cause of her strange behavior.


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