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8 New Year's Travel Resolutions for 2014

2014 is on its way, brimming with excitement of another fresh start and dreams for what a brand new year holds. Wanderlusters, if travel is part of your New Year resolution (as it should be), consider keeping these 8 travel resolutions for an outside of the box experience to make the year 2014 unlike any other.

Start That Travel Fund
It’s never too late to start saving towards travel, even if you don’t know where or when you want to go–pack that change away and don’t touch. No matter if it’s a $500 or $5 paycheck, it adds up in the end. And nothing is more fulfilling then booking that flight to your dream destination and having the funds ready to go.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Many travel to relax and de-stress, but in 2014, how about challenging yourself by confronting a fear. Scared of heights? Try bungee jumping. Water not your thing? Throw yourself into raging rapids on a raft. Not only will you see and experience places that you never thought you’d traverse, but enjoy the feeling of accomplishment in yourself. Who knows–you may end up getting addicted to what once struck fear deep in your heart!

Ditch the Itinerary
Book a trip and nix the planning. Sometimes the best way to experience travel is to be delightfully surprised–and safe, of course. Stop pouring over online reviews for the best places to go. Just get there and get exploring. Talk to the locals, rent a car or bike, learn the history of a place instead of the touristy stuff and tread the path of the unpredictable.

Feed Your Brain–Not Just Your Belly
Of course when you travel you want to savor the local cuisine and drink to your heart’s content while partying it up,but don’t forget to do a little bit of learning as well. Check out museums or historical sights and get more intimate with your surroundings. The memories are unforgettable, but what you learn will stay with you forever and enrich your experience in a whole new way.

Give Back
There are tons of volunteer programs that not only offer travel, but the chance to make a difference while doing so. It doesn’t have to be overseas, it can be around the corner from your home as well. Put yourself out there to not only experience different environments and cultures, but get in touch with the native people of the country and everyday life. See from their perspective and humble yourself by addressing the challenges they face daily.

Plan a Microadventure
You don’t need to jet set to the edges of the globe to find enlightenment. Try exploring your own backyard. You must remember that adventure is everywhere and coming from a 25 year old budding writer that loves to travel, lets just say the money isn’t a’ flowin’. Look outside the box and opt for short, cheap trips that are close to home. You might find that you didn’t know your hometown as well as you thought.

Take Technology to the Outdoors
With more and more people getting outdoors and getting active, technology is helping to make it easier than ever to get out the door to discover new locales and meet like-minded individuals as yourself. Download the Yonder app to your smartphone and and start interacting in the innovative online community that lets you share and plan while inspiring you to keep on exploring your world.

Make Friends with a Local
When in roam, talk to the locals and get to know their culture on their turf. Attempt to use the native language- even if you butcher it- and embrace the customs of the people. Not only will you grow as a person and make new friends, but you can learn about places to go and things to do that only the locals know about. Embrace culture and live like the locals do!


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