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10 Cities You Need to Visit in Your Twenties

Ah, your twenties. What a fast paced and confusing yet exhilarating time of discovery, exploration and self-growth. Whether graduating college to starting a career or just setting down roots somewhere new and far from home, this is the spice of beginning a new chapter in your adult life. Here are 10 cities that are a must to visit in your twenties.

Asheville, North Carolina
It’s been called the hippie capitol of the south and a playground for all who love music, art, food and the nature. Encompassed by the breathtaking Smoky Mountains, you can’t beat North Carolina’s lovely landscapes. Enjoy some of the hottest bands of the indie, folk, country and bluegrass genres that stop by this mountain town to perform on the regular.

Seattle, Washington
If you love coffee, good music, and books then Seattle has got all three intertwined into the fabric that makes it one wonderful little city. Young adults gather at Capitol Hill and can enjoy socializing and drinking without breaking the bank. Not only does coffee reign supreme here and is the birthplace of Starbucks, but also boasts the most bookstores per capita.

New Orleans, Louisiana
What’s not to love about New Orleans? This city is as unique as a city can get with an arts, food and music scene to give you a spicy taste of the south, not to mention a diverse, multicultural history that has made New Orleans the creative, party town it is today.

Kansas City, Missouri
Here you will get to savor some of the best barbecue in the country. The Crossroads Arts District offers a plethora of boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. Plus here’s a fun fact for techie geeks–it is one of the few cities that utilizes speedy Google Fiber wireless.

Austin, Texas
Young adults have flocked to Austin steadily over the years and it’s not only become one of the most fit cities in the country, but it’s as a prime place to live and work. But that’s not all there is to love; for foodies, restaurants and food trucks abound and the party scene and nightlife is top notch.

Eureka, California
This quaint hippie town sits on the shoreline of Humboldt Bay–California’s largest bay north of San Francisco. It is notably one of the best small arts towns in the nation and a rich history defined by splendid Victorian architecture. If you love festivals, this town hosts a great variety of annual events with a little something for everyone.

Bisbee, Arizona
Originally a copper mining town, when the metals ran out, the artists came in during the 1970s and Bisbee has continued to flourish ever since. With a unique mining history mixed with a modernized art scene it’s a unique and creatively beautiful place to visit, although you may not want to leave.

Eugene, Oregon
For the productive bunch, this beautiful town always has something going on from festivals, museums, diverse culture and a slew of outdoor activities for nature lovers. Since the 1960s, Eugene has been known as a retreat for hippies, and that “peace love” vibe still lives on to this day.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
This desert haven may not jump to mind for living amidst all the other popular cities in our nation, but consider Albuquerque a hidden gem. It’s got it all; from affordable living to plenty of outdoors enjoyment with tons of parks, and it’s one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the U.S.

Tucson, Arizona
Tucson also made the grade as one of the nation’s cleanest cities–pair that with gorgeous surrounding mountain ranges and you’ve got a place where you’ll want to be outside all the time. Biking is big in Tucson and the city takes great strides to keep the roadways bicycle safe. It’s also a very affordable place to live, leaving some extra money for the quality nightlife and delicious food found in the happening Fourth Avenue district.


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