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6 Mistakes Even Savvy Travelers Make

You’ve traveled the world fives times ‘round and you’d like to think you have got it down pat when it comes to smooth and seamless globe trotting. Think again–here are 6 mistakes even the savviest of savvy travelers make.

Losing Electronics
Even you can’t prevent this one, master traveller. It’s quite easy to accidentally leave a tablet, smartphone or valuable electronic device in a cab or seat back pocket on an airplane. The more one is constantly on the road, it more routine it becomes to get up and go; leaving behind something you will regret in the process. Keep your wits about you and keep an eye on your stuff.

Forgetting Passports
This is another one that can catch you by surprise. Yea, when traveling abroad it’s a top priority to pack that little book, but no matter how experienced a traveler you may be, sometimes it’s easy to forget passports for shorter trips that don’t seem so foreign, like flying to the Bahamas or Mexico. Also, make sure the date isn’t expired and that you have applied for a new one far enough in advance.

Missing Flights
Sure, stuff happens and sometimes you are going to miss that flight, but playing Russian roulette with time when it comes to departure isn’t something to chance. When planning your trip to the airport leave yourself ample time to check in and get situated, and once your golden, don’t forget to stay close by your gate and keep an eye out for flight changes and updates. Many people tend to miss their flight while waiting for it!

Being a Little Too Ambitious
Your trip is booked, you’re excited and you’re already jam packing your itinerary with things to do and see to make it a thriller of  lifetime. Make sure you plan some time to wander off the beaten path or just relax. Sometimes the best trip is not having a plan at all.

Getting Crazy on Social Media
Nowadays, it’s the norm to post pictures and updates all over social media about where you’re traveling and for how long. Keep in mind that you are also advertising to the world that your humble abode will be empty. While your friends are enjoying your status’ and pictures, so are clever burglars and crooks, who are now turning to social media more and more to track potential homes for robbery.

Tipping Trouble
When dining abroad, different cultures obviously mean different cultural norms, and that includes tipping. Don’t rely on the guidelines you use back home. Do your research regarding dining customs in the area your are visiting so you know what to expect. It’s normal in America to munch on some complimentary bread before your meal is served, but in Italy, that yummy bread may not be free and they won’t tell you until the bill comes out.


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