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5 Tips for Beating TSA When Traveling for the Holidays

It’s stressful enough having to worry about losing your luggage in the airport during the crazy holiday travel season, but how about losing your luggage to TSA theft? Airport robberies are on the rise, proprieted by the very ones we trust to handle our luggage with care–airport employees. Here are 5  tips to keep your stuff safe.

Two Words: Carry On
Checking in luggage is already a slight burden due to elevated charges and now worrying about theft only adds to it. While packing your bags, focus on packing to carry on and not check in. Keeping your belongings with you at all times is the best way to also keep it safe.

Be Wary of Electronics
It’s the norm to travel with tablets and laptops nowadays, and guess what people–those are the most targeted items of TSA theft. If you must check in, don’t pack them. Opt to carry on electronics to ensure safekeeping.

Outsmart Thieves with a Smart Zipper
There is good news- the technology to fight back against theft is out there, you just need to do a little research. Invest in a travel bag with smart zipper technology to frustrate meddling fingers. Pacsafe’s Metrosafe 300 Anti Theft Laptop Bag is a quality option with the Smart zipper to keep your laptop guarded.

Lock and Load with ToughZip
To catch a crook you must think like one. That’s where ToughZip technology comes in. Sure, you may have a master lock seuring that bag enclosure, but all it takes is a little bit of poking and prodding with a simple pen to the zipper and it’s free pickings. Check out Pacsafe’s Toursafe 29 Luggage, which utilizes ToughZip technology.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Identity
This is a big one you don’t want to overlook. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be easy to let personal information slip into the wrong hands. Put your worries to rest with Pacsafe’s RFIDsafe 50 RFID Blocking wallet. This state of the art pouch uses special material to block out dangerous transmissions that thieves use to access your info. Perfect for those passports and credit cards!


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