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Top Mediterranean Beach Towns

If you have visions and dreams to sip coffee at a vintage street café in the morning, and then stroll sandy beaches in the afternoon – it sounds like you need to vacation in the Mediterranean. Picturesque beaches and architecture flood the shorelines throughout Italy, Greece, Spain and France.  Get ready to flaunt your bathing suit and wine glass, because you are about to experience the most ideal lifestyle in the world: sun, beach, lattes, wine and good conversation.

Cassis, France
The small fishing village is a quaint beach town that is often less traveled by tourists compared to neighboring cities like Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez. Along with fun in the sun, experience a bit of history with ancient fountains, museums of art and the old port. Sip some wine from one of the many premium vineyards boasting an array of white and rose wines.Cassis, France

Portofino, Italy
Situated on a fertile hillside is the “fairy tale” land of Portofino. Once a small fishing village is now a famous resort and known to be the most beautiful harbor on the coast. The rich flaunt their yachts and dolphins swim through for a quick a hello. Divers find a depth of sea life in the water while latte lovers sip coffee in ocean view cafes.Portofino, Italy

Positano, Italy
Another fabulous Italian Beach town, Positano, is located on the Almafi Coast. “The City of Stairs” is built on the rocky cliffs, decorated with traditional white Mediterranean homes. Enjoy the sandy beaches, blue-green water and the historical architecture built in XVI Century.Positano, Italy

Murcia, Spain
Founded in 825, the city is built upon Renaissance and Gothic architecture. Shining bright on Spain’s sea-shore, Murcia boasts an array of festivals, nightclubs and long pedestrian streets. There are sections of the town, which feature deserted beaches splashed with nude tourists.Murcia, Spain

Menton, France
Nestled between Monaco and Italy is French town, Menton, known as the “Pearl of France.” Founded 1,000 years ago, the town flourishes with mansions and is a celebrity vacation hot-spot. Beyond beautiful beaches, Menton is renowned for its lush gardens. The most famous garden is Serre de la Madone.Menton, France

Naxos, Greece
Known as the greenest island in Greece, Naxos boasts pristine and non-crowded shorelines. Agios Prokopios is a small village, which features one of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos and possibly Greece. Narrow streets are flooded with café, restaurants and lovers of life.Naxos, Greece


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