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8 Hot Springs to Warm Up Your Winter


It’s getting chilly outdoors with the winter season creeping up on us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a refreshing dip in the water. There are natural hot springs located all over the globe, many known for their relaxing, steamy waters and healing mineral qualities. Here are 8 hot springs to keep you warm during your winter escapades.

Banff Upper Hot Springs, Alberta, Canada
Banff National Park, found tucked away in the mountains and alpine forests of western Canada is considered a sacred healing site by the native inhabitants. The 104 degree natural hot springs here are rich in minerals to invigorate skin and relax the body. Take a dip in the pool while enjoying some incredible mountain views.

Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan
Of course, the healing powers and medicinal benefits of these hot springs are legendary, enjoyed by kings, queens and common folk for centuries. Temperatures range from 104-145 degrees. Visitors can soak and take a load off in the natural mineral infused waters, with a convenient bathhouse located close by as well.

Budapest, Hungary
These hot springs are made up of some of the purest liquids on earth boasting minerals such as fluoride, calcium, hydrocarbonate, sodium, sulphate and metabolic acid. Soaking in these springs have been effective in treating arthritis and joint inflammation and drinking the water soothes gastric ulcers and heals other internal issues.

Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica
With six active volcanoes, you know Costa Rica packs some heat, and the Arenal host springs are no exception. Enjoy the 77 to 122 degree water and let your skin drink up the detoxifying minerals. These springs have low sulfur levels, so you won’t smell egg-y smell after your dip.


Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado
These springs are controlled by tectonic forces and shakers can take in the therapeutic minerals of iron, magnesium and lithium, which helps improve blood vessel function and circulation. They springs were utilized for their healing properties back in the 1500s by the Ute Indians.

Saturnia, Italy
Saturnia’s thermal springs have quite the history. The Etruscans of the Bronze Age would bath here and later, the Romans, where it is said to be the site of the world’s first public bathhouse. Saturnia Springs gets its flow from a dormant volcano and also contains minerals believed to have several theoretic properties.

Kusatsu, Japan
This is hot springs territory, with over a hundred springs and baths called onsen. Visitors flock the sizzling waters from all over the world to treat ailments. Temperatures in the hottest pools run up to 129 degrees.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland
The Blue lagoon has become a popular tourist destination over the years, originally formed by a heating company looking to explore geothermal heating in the 1970s. The lagoon itself is a sight to behold, with unique volcanic rock formations, steam rising from the warm water and green moss covering the surrounding surface.  Blue Lagoon is also known for its healing mineral water great for treating skin damage.


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