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Best Places to Snowboard and Surf in the Same Day

Best Places to Snowboard and Surf in the Same DayAh, the classic dilemma. Do I slide on frozen water, or liquid water? Our planet is small and mostly water, so why choose? The following is a list of places where you can absolutely bro-out and snowboard and surf in the same day.

Southern California
Some call it the California double, but that sounds more like a bed or a cheeseburger and not that many people do it. The close proximity of sand and snow is just one of the many things smug Cali-kids like to brag about. I’ll give this one to them though. Southern California is one of the best places on Earth to ski and snowboard. The distance between surf and snow in So Cal is roughly the same as its East Coast counterparts and the mountains are undoubtedly better. You can allegedly get from LA and Orange County beaches to Big Bear in less than two hours. Still, factoring in LA traffic, the California double may not be as easy as it seems. Choose the wrong freeway and the snow will melt before you get there.

New Jersey/ New York
Mountain Creek and other small ‘Jersey and New York ski slopes are less than an hour from Central Jersey and Western Long Island Beaches. Nor’easters typically bring fresh powder, solid swell, and morning offshore winds. An intrepid shredder with 4-wheel drive could easily score overhead beachbreak barrels in the morning and then shoot up for an afternoon/evening session on the slopes. The conditions and climate aren’t ideal, but in terms of accessibility to surf and snow on the same day, this little corner of the U.S. pretty solid.

New Hampshire
Surfing in the dead of winter in New Hampshire is borderline insane, so the double shred mission is best attempted in late autumn or spring. New Hampshire has some decent slopes within its own borders, so the possibility of surfing and snowboarding on the same day are easily feasible. For those who don’t mind the drive, you can get from New Hampshire’s handful of reefbreaks to some of Vermont’s best mountains in less than three hours.

Look at a map. Chile is a long narrow country. Chile is sandwiched between the Andes Mountains, Patagonia, and the South Pacific. As such, Chile has some of the best snowboarding in the world and some of the best surfing in the word, and it doesn’t have a whole lot of room to spread out. The coastal roads aren’t always fantastic, so it may be a bit more of a mission to accomplish the double-shred in the same calendar day. However, it is most definitely possible, and the conditions for both pursuits may very well be world class.

New Zealand
Peter Jackson chose New Zealand to shoot his Lord of the Rings trilogy because the place has pretty much every landscape imaginable and not that many people. Like Chile, accomplishing both in the same day may be a bit of a mission. In fact, if you’re visiting New Zealand it’s probably best not to rush it. New Zealand earns a place on this list for being one of the best places to plan a surf/snow trip.

Northern Japan has decent skiing and decent surfing. Most of these spots are relatively off the grid for Western action-sports tourists, but they deserve a note for proximity and quality. There are millions of new things to do in Japan, so while the same day snow and surf may be tempting; your time might be best spent checking out what the rest of the


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