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Warm Weather Destinations for Winter

Are you the type that frowns at the sight of snowfall? Or begrudgingly scrapes the ice of your windshield with grunts and snarls? How about the kind of person that takes the carrot from Frosty’s nose and snaps it in half with a weird sense of satisfaction? Well instead of stewing in the snowbanks, how about starting to plan your cold weather vacation? You could start thinking like the birds and nodding your head South, where warm weather is only some logistics away. And to get you thinking about where in the world you want to find that sunshine, here are 5 Winter Destinations to escape the cold this winter:

Baja, Mexico
If you’re looking for a little fun in the sun on crystal white beaches, then look no further. Baja, Mexico has everything an enthusiastic beach goer could want. On the Pacific side you have rocky beaches made for great surfing and a possibly busy scene. Jump on over to the Sea of Cortez side of things and find the more remote white-sandy beaches to enjoy all on your own. While you’re there, you can think about winter weather as your whale watching over the Pacific or snorkeling looking at corral instead of icicles. Top it off with a fish taco and you’ll forget that Winter is even a thing.

San Diego, California
What isn’t there to do in San Diego? During the day you could find yourself kayaking (with a wet-suit) and at night explore the bustling nightlife and downtown scene. Or perhaps your more into the whale watching at sunset followed by night game with the San Diego Padres? Whatever you choose, know that a vacation to San Diego could easily turn into a permanent residence.

Tuscon, Arizona
The dessert nights can get a bit chilly, but hold out for the day where temperature usually hovers around the 60’s in the sun. And with a reported 350 days of sun a year, chances are you’ll get a cloudless day. Take in some marvelous dessert views, grab some crag at the many climbing spots, or mill around downtown Tucson as you leave the parka in the bedroom; whatever you do, don’t sit on a cactus.

San Antonio, Texas
Beat the heat but bring a blanket for the night, San Antonio is a place to relax, get some outdoor adventure, and stay in the sun. With 10+ parks surrounding the area, that accumulates to over 14,000 acres, there is plenty of room to explore. Even in the city, where there is 114 miles of mostly urban greenway, you can ride your bike to the coffee shop and then head further to explore some historic missions still standing.

Key West, Florida
Alright, let’s do some comparing. Snow forts to island cabanas, snow slush to margaritas, and sandy highways to sandy beaches. Need there be more said about visiting Key West this winter? Don your snorkeling gear and head south to this Florida Keys island. Take a swim with the dolphins, dig your feet into the sand, and whatever you do, forget that Winter weather waiting for you at home.


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