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5 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is coming up and you know what that means: crazy traveling, crazier relatives, Black Friday, delicious food binges, and good times with family and friends. Now, you just need to survive it all. Here are 5 tips to master the Thanksgiving holidays stress-free.

Be the Early Bird
Start planning that trip back home or wherever you may be going and start as early as possible. If you know you’re flying, the earlier you book flights the cheaper it will be. Cementing a plan in stone now on what routes you will take, what you need to bring, how much time off work you need and the type of transportation you’ll take will be less to worry about when the holidays roll around.

Pack Light
So you’re going home- there’s always that lurking fear of who you will see from high school or the  family members you haven’t seen in years waiting to scrutinize how much weight you’re put on over the years. Sometimes, thoughts like these can cause one to become overwhelmed and pack way too much “just in case.” Don’t do it…plan out each day outfit by outfit, and depending on specific articles of clothing, only bring one or two of each, such as with pants, jackets and shoes. Just don’t pack light on the undies or socks…

Plan Your Days
Get online and do your research when it comes to the busiest days of holiday travel. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Thursday and the following Saturday and Sunday will be busy. Try to fly out early in the week on Monday or Tuesday to avoid the rush and fly out on Friday while everyone is knee deep in Black Friday shopping.

Road Master
Forget flying, you’re taking to the streets this Thanksgiving! Driving definitely has it perks when it comes to saving money and time, but as always- know what you’re in for. Plan your route ahead of time and try to avoid highways, where heightened holiday traffic will ruin your day. Also, make sure you are driving responsibly as police patrol the highways with ticket book in hand during the holiday season. Make sure your car is in tip top shape before setting off, and check weather updates to prepare for any nasty conditions.

Dun, dun, dun…..Black Friday
For all you dedicated Black Friday shoppers out there, you definitely can’t go into all that merchandise chaos blindly. Plan your transportation accordingly, as traffic and parking can present issues. Avoid impulse buys and scope out your targeted stores first. Research various malls and shopping centers that will have the majority of stores you’re looking for. Wear athletic clothing and sneakers good for sprinting to displays or hurdling over fallen shoppers…just kidding…but do dress comfortably!

Want to avoid the craziness? Stay in bed and shop online for great Black Friday deals!


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