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4 Reasons to Vacation Without Your Partner

4 Reasons to Vacation Without Your PartnerHaving a boyfriend/girlfriend who shares your passion for the outdoors solves the perpetual problem of finding a climbing/skiing/paddle partner. Not many people like vacationing on their own, especially if they’re in a relationship. But when you spend all your time with the same person, you miss out on a lot of opportunities. It can be hard to make plans for one, but here are some reasons to make your next trip a solo.

Time Alone
It’s hard to find time alone and when you do get some time by yourself, how often do you disconnect from social media? In short, time alone is rarely really “alone.” When you go on an outdoor adventure by yourself, these distractions don’t exist. Even if it’s just a weekend backpacking trip, going alone gives you a chance to center yourself, to remember your priorities without the distractions of other people.

Meet New PeopleMeet New People
Going on vacation alone seems, well, lonely, but it’s a great way to meet new people. When you’re surrounded by people you know, especially your significant other, there’s little reason to talk to new people. So when you’re out on your own, talking to strangers becomes a necessity. Whether it’s a beer tasting, a concert, or skiing, use your shared interested to start a conversation with someone new.

No Compromises
The best part of vacationing alone is never having to compromise. You can change your plans at the drop of a hat, or the sight of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Maybe hiking isn’t really your thing, but your partner wouldn’t consider a vacation if it didn’t include at least a few hikes. Going alone allows you to forgo these compromises and make the vacation exactly what you want; the trip becomes your own when you go solo.

Coming HomeComing Home
There’s no point ignoring the fact that one of the best parts of vacationing without your partner is coming home and getting to see them again. Even if it’s only a week, the time apart is a great reminder of why you cared about the relationship in the first place. It’s a cliche, but absence does make the heart grow fonder.


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