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World’s Best New Hotels 2013

Architecture is progressing, and these “new-aged” hotels are taking over outdated urban structures around the world. Equipped with trendy art and fashionable sheets, guests are welcomed to an array of amenities. Get in style on your next vacation with these best new hotels in 2013.

The Saguaro | Palm Springs, California
This modern-day oasis is situated amongst the mountain scheme. Painted with vibrancy, the rainbow-color exterior glows in Palm Springs’354 days of sun.  The pool’s centerpiece really ties the hotel together and also features daily yoga and spa treatments. Take a sip of one – or many – of the 100 tequilas onsite at the El Jefe bar.

Banyan Tree | Shanghai, China
This luxury 5-star hotel is located in the heart of Shanghai. The rooms and suites feature stunning views over the Huangpu River. This urban resort features modern furnishings, rejuvenating spa treatments and heart-pumping workouts in the state-of-the-art gym.

Berkley River Lodge | Kimberly Coast, Australia
The resort features 20 private villas that feature 180 degree views of the surrounding landscape. The best part of this hotel is the ability to stare at the clear night sky and gaze at the galactic activity. Comprised with outdoor pools with coastal views, guests bask in the sun and wild luxury. Guests have the opportunity to heli-fish in many Australian hidden gems.

The Attwater Hotel | Newport, Rhode Island
This chic boutique hotel is decorated with audacious furnishings and standout colors. This hotels brand is based on its interior design, bold and unconventional. Sample baked goods at the gourmet bakery or stay in bed and drink coffee in your room’s coffee café. Rooms are stacked with iPads and iPod docking stations.

Shangri-La | Mumbai, India
Mumbai’s newest hotel is located in the city’s commercial center. The marvelous lobby is decorated with a marble staircase, grandiose mirrors and lavish wall sconces. Rooms feature sweeping views of the Arabian Sea and flourishes with classic Indian artwork. Chill-out at the spa, pool or ground-level mall.

Ritz-Carlton Reserve | Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico
Luxury meets sustainability with this new brand of living on the Ritz. The LEED Silver standards make this the first Ritz-Carlton Reserve one of the top 100 most sustainable hotels in the world. The 115 rooms spread amidst 50 acres situated along a one-mile coastline. Relax in the spa botanica and purify the body in topical pools, steam rooms and outdoor Vichy scrubs.


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