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8 Tips to Be a Frugal Traveler


Don’t let money keep you from getting out into the world. Be smart and get prepared and you can enjoy traveling without going broke. Here’s 8 tips to make you the most frugal traveler of them all.

Lodge Right
There are tons of cheap lodging options available for travelers. Hostels are always a cheaper option than hotels, and if you really want to keep costs down check out volunteer programs such as WWOOF that exchange labor for bedding and meals or couch surfing– where you not only get a free bed but a chance to meet new peeps.

Use Public Transportation
Research the area you are traveling to and whether or not you really need that rental car. Take into consideration gas prices and distance. Try to use mass transit as much as possible- bikes, trains, subways and buses. Most countries have pretty reliable bus and train systems that’ll take riders on some great scenic routes.

Be an Early Bird
Yea, it’s an obvious one, but many travelers, including myself, forget to book early. Whether it be tickets, lodging or transport- companies usually offer early bird discounts and by securing your bookings online, you can cut some major costs.

Stuff Your Face…Cheaply
Once again, research is key here. You gotta eat, no getting around that one, and in touristy places the prices will soar. Get to know the area and enjoy the native food. Stay away from restaurants situated next to attractions- they tend to lure in hungry travelers then overcharge. Speak to the locals and dine where they dine- you can get bountiful amounts of delicious food at affordable prices.

Become Best Buds with your Budget
Sit down, create a budget plan for your trip and STICK TO IT. That way, you can enjoy your time without worrying about money and then return home debt free.

Off Season Is In
There are so many perks to traveling in the off-season. Not only are transportation and lodging options cheaper, but you’ll also miss the overwhelming crowds and experience a different perspective of the country.

Get Your Barter On
When traveling abroad, especially throughout Asia, don’t be shy about bartering. Stick to your guns to lower prices on items and avoid getting overcharged, and they will overcharge-especially foreigners. If the price still seems too expensive, just walk away. Chances are, the storekeeper will chase after you and agree to a more reasonable price.

Buy it There
It seems logical to buy your essentials at home and have everything squared away before you travel, but depending on where you go you could buy toiletries and other items at your destination for way cheaper. Also, it beats the hassle of airport security and leaves more room in your luggage. Just remember to do your research!


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