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6 Most Luxurious Hostels

Those who have stayed in hostels know that for the most part, they are not as luxurious as their hotel equivalents. Until now that is. Hostels around the world are stepping up their design and sheets to appeal to classy bargain hunters. Stained sheets, hair in shower drains and vomit stained carpets are not found in these chic, new-age designs. If you’re looking for a cheap getaway that does not offer a side of bed bugs, we’ve got you “covered” with the world’s most luxurious hostels.

Living Lounge Hostel | Lisbon, Portugal
This “Oh-my-God, Is this really a hostel?” is what comes to mind as visitors enter the chic boutique building. Similar to a Pier One import theme, rooms are light, airy and decorated with various themes from bees to trees to jazz music. The Living Lounge is a fertile scene to be seen and offers a renowned three-course dinner and wine for only $9 Euro.

Reggae Mansion | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Located near Chinatown and Central Market, is the stylish colonial hostel, which features a rooftop bar and lively atmosphere. There’s no need to book a private room when you have privacy in the dorm rooms. The beds are extensions of the wall, thus your mini-bedroom becomes a bat cave by closing the drape. For a darker experience, pop a squat in the 40-seat cinema before you party the night away on the rooftop.

Equity Point Marrakech | Marrakech, Morocco
Equity point is more than a sanctuary and hidden gem, it’s a communal palace. The spa, pool and Hammam massages are a treat, but nothing is more amazing than the rooms and chillout space. The shared dorm is no shoebox, but a massive layout of beds dispersed amongst the room that is accessible via an immense gateway. Cooking and belly dance classes are feet away from your bedroom. And did we mention bathrooms? Soak up like a king in the best hostel bathroom you’ll ever lay your cheeks on. Cheap meals and free Internet is an added bonus.

Generator Hostel | Dublin. Ireland
This modern designed hostel flourishes with hardwood floors and a massive metal G in the lobby. Centrally located, you’ll also notice many free events from DJ parties to Wi-Fi. The clever room design sparkles the eye with naturist paintings on the wall.

Z.Bra Hostel | Rio de Janiero, Brazil
This place is more vibrant than an actual Zebra; it’s an eclectic shockwave of color from lobby to pod-like bedframes. Bold design and vintage colors are viewed from the inside-out. The futuristic design pours into a futuristic lifestyle as each bed is equipped with a cellphone charger, reading light and locker. Each month they feature a local artist to showcase their best work.

Urban Oasis | New York City, USA
The best way to describe this hostel is through the famous word, IKEA. Each room is individually decorated to the nines as if it were to be featured on the front cover of Home and Garden Magazine. Only private and double room available, which is excellent news, since that means more private time for eye-porn as you stare out the loft-style windows overlooking the Empire State Building and the historic 5th and 31st Avenue.


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