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GET LOST in…Tasmania

GET LOST in…TasmaniaWelcome to this week’s edition of GET LOST.  Every week, I will analyze a new city that you might not have thought of visiting, and highlight the reasons you might travel and enjoy this new location!

Where is Tasmania?
Australia—it’s an island on the southernmost tip of the continent

Best Time to Visit?
November through March—best to avoid when the summer heat is at its highest

How do you get there?
An overnight ferry trip from Melbourne, or a direct flight from Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

What to do when you get there:
Did you know that the Tasmanian Devil actually exists? (It actually packs quite a bite!  Be careful!)  This gorgeous island is nicknamed “The Island of Inspiration” because of it’s untold, unspoilt splendor.  It has a little of everything, from high adventure (it is the most mountainous region of Australia) and wildlife, to a laid back experience in paradise, bolstered by unique and incredible foods and wines.


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