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8 of the World's Coolest Themed Bars

It’s hard to travel anyplace in the the world without encountering some sort of watering hole. But a themed bar? You won’t just find those anywhere. Here are some of our favorite themed drinking establishments across the globe.

Baobab Bar (Limpopo, South Africa)
The 72-foot-high, 6,000-year-old Sunland Baobab ― one of South Africa’s most famous trees ― features a massive, hollow trunk that is today used as a pub and wine cellar. As Maxim noted, Baobab Bar is a fitting destination for “tree huggers and beer chuggers alike”.Baobab Bar (Limpopo, South Africa)

Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den (Minneapolis)
It’s all but a proven fact that everyone loved Shaun of the Dead ― but apparently Leslie Bock really, really loved the 2003 zombie flick. Her Minneapolis establishment is staffed by bloodstained bartenders, adorned with zombie-fighting implements (such as a glass-encased chainsaw), and serves libations with names like ‘Undead Frank Lives’.Donny Dirk's Zombie Den (Minneapolis)

DM Baar (Tallinn, Estonia)
Look, a lot of us never got over the New Wave musical invasion of the 1980s. Thankfully, this neon-filled night club in Estonia’s capital city is the perfect place to relax (don’t do it), enjoy a cocktail, and party like its 1989. For the record, ‘DM’ stands for Depeche Mode.DM Baar (Tallinn, Estonia)

Floyd’s Pelican Bar (Parrottee Bay, Jamaica)
There’s a fine line between beach-themed bar and a shack that sits over the water ― but when you’re partying at this spirited shanty in South Jamaica, these differences won’t matter. The bar is constructed entirely from palm leaves and driftwood, and the menu includes fresh lobster and plenty of cool cocktails.Floyd's Pelican Bar (Parrottee Bay, Jamaica)

The Himiko (Tokyo)
Booze cruises are a dime a dozen, but this peculiar vessel is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Designed by space-obsessed architect Leiji Matsumoto, the Himiko shuttles tourists along the Sumida River during the day. Then, when the sun goes down, it transforms into a full-fledged floating night club.The Himiko (Tokyo)

Museum Bar H.R. Giger (St. Germain, Switzerland) and Giger Bar (Chur, Switzerland)
If you are an aficionado of surrealist H.R. Giger ― or just a big fan of the Alien films ― then this pair of Swiss watering holes will blow your mind. From spaceship-inspired chairs to archways that resemble spinal cords, the two Giger-themed establishments are, if nothing else, a fitting tribute to the ground-breaking artist.Museum Bar H.R. Giger (St. Germain, Switzerland) and Giger Bar (Chur, Switzerland)

Red Sea Star Underwater Bar, Restaurant, and Observatory (Eilat, Israel)
Located nearly six meters (20 feet) beneath the surface of the Red Sea, this Israeli establishment allows patrons to eat, drink, and marvel at their aquatic surroundings all at once. The windows are outfitted with strong Plexiglass to ensure there isn’t any leakage, while the interior is filled with nautical-themed adornments, such as sea anemone chairs with urchin cushions.DM Baar (Tallinn, Estonia)

Sugarloaf Kiosk’s Bar (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
This one requires a little work, since there are only two ways to access the top of Sugarloaf ― a 65-passenger cable car or a 1,300-foot hike. Either way, once you reach this establishment on the mountain’s summit, you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking views of Brazil’s largest coastal city and a refreshing caipirinha, the country’s most famous cocktail.Sugarloaf Kiosk's Bar


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