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6 Interesting Places to Celebrate Halloween in the U.S.

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means-time to get weird. Why not stray away from the usual drunken house parties, girls in their undies and overpriced costumes? Here are 6 kickass places around the U.S. to spice up your Halloween celebration this year.

Salem, Massachusetts
Well, duh. The spooky history, colonial atmosphere and fall foliage are reasons enough to celebrate Halloween in Salem. Check out the candlelit Witch Trial Trail and dress up for the Annual Halloween Costume Ball for the ultimate haunted holiday.434007316_9c49bffb72_b

New Orleans, Louisiana
Make your Halloween night unforgettable in one of the oldest, most unique cities in the U.S. With a history swirling with voodoo worship, crypt-style cemeteries and interesting characters, it’s the perfect place to get a little strange.2957423772_8eae2cf549_o

Tombstone, Arizona
Memories of the wild wild west linger in this old town, where a history if violence and gun fighting has left a legacy of death and restless spirits that thrive to this day. Check out a gunfight reenactment then visit the famous Boot Hill Cemetery – who knows, you may make some ghostly new friends.2982691629_179115f74e_o

New York City, NY
Spend Halloween in the city that never sleeps? Makes sense. There are a ton of ghoulish gimmicks and spooky spectaculars held all over the city, such as the Procession of Ghouls and visits to haunted hotels, bars and buildings.6301091840_088b56048e_o

Atlanta, Georgia
Not only does this historic city house a plethora of haunted hangouts – such as the Antebellum Plantation and Oakland Cemetery, but its got a 15 year old haunted attraction called Netherworld. Geared towards teens and adults, be prepared for quite the scare.7934662662_665853a9e1_o

Chicago, Illinois
The history of this city puts a twist on the usual Halloween, with stories of The Great Fire and gangsters giving it that spooky feel. Visit the Basement of the Dead – a basement situated under an old laundry company where actors band together in creepy costumes and scare the daylights out of visitors with detailed decorations and zany visual effects.Halloween_Festival_Tama-Center


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