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Best Vacations to Take This Time of Year

Any time of year is a good time to vacation but some are better than others. This time of year, the weather’s better, the prices lower and everybody else’s kids are in school. That means it’s time to head out and enjoy the weather and great deals. Did I mention everybody’s kids are in school?

Hurricane season is wrapping up, though a few may be starting up as this is written. Deals are always prevalent this time of year due to the threat of Hurricanes, but it’s usually a bet worth taking. Sure they happen, but the odds of one hitting right when and where you’re staying are pretty slim and there is always travel insurance for the faint of heart. The resorts in and south of Cancun have amazing deals right now and the weather is hot enough to swim, but not so hot as to melt your eyebrows.

Disneyland/Disney World
Remember, this is a Mickey Mouse operation. That’s not to say they’re not well run but both these parks are so packed in the summer you’ll turn into Grumpy in no time. Both Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Florida enjoy almost perfect weather this time of year. On a visit to Disney world in Florida during the heat of summer, the wife once got me to enter It’s a Small World just because it was air-conditioned. Big mistake; I still have that infernal song stuck in my head. Smaller crowds though are the main reason to go in the fall. In the summer TomorrowLand is actually You’ll Never Get in till Tomorrow Land and there’s the always popular, If You Think This Line is Less Than 2 Hours, You’re living in Fantasyland. So go now, enjoy the weather, the smaller crowds and the shorter lines. You may as well go ahead and visit It’s A Small World now since you already have that song stuck in your head.

Head for the Hills
Ski resort towns haven’t quite figured out how to pack the tourists into town during fall, like they have for summer, except for the few weeks when the aspen are changing. Why not go on up and enjoy it before they do? Great deals are there for the taking, the crowds are almost non-existent and the highways have not yet turned into parking lots. In no time at all the opposite will be true: condo prices will skyrocket, crowds will flock west and I’ll be stuck in ski-traffic on I-70 with two females who have to pee. Just make sure it’s not hunting season when you go on that fall hike; it might turn into a run-for-your-life.

Springtime in Paris is a fantasy trip for many but fall may be a better idea. The Euro has dropped a bit recently compared to the dollar making it, not affordable, but a good enough excuse to go anyway. Paris and Italy are beautiful during the fall when temperatures are a bit more bearable than August. England is rainy, go figure. If you think you’ve seen long lines at Disneyland, try St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome during the summer. A lot of the landmarks in Europe are famous world- wide and people wait, sometimes their whole lives, to finally visit. Most of them will be there when you are, so why not visit in the off season? Plus, if we didn’t mention it earlier, everybody’s kids are in school.

Home Sweet Home
They call them Staycations now and it used to be all some of us knew. Where we used to think the folks were cheap by making us go downtown to the zoo or museums for our big fun, now it’s socially responsible or “Green” to stay home and not travel. Well, whether you’re being responsible or just cheap, staying home makes since because all the tourists are staying in their home towns as well. The zoo, the museum or even, heaven –forbid, places like Denver’s Casa Bonita are not nearly as packed as they were a month ago. Everybody’s hometown has something to offer, so why not enjoy it in the off-season. Besides, unless you live in Disneyland, at least you won’t have to hear that damn song.

By Michael Ryan


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