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7 Countries to Visit During the Fall

Looking to jet set before those harsh winter months? Enjoy the changing seasons with a travel itinerary that takes you through the most beautiful parts of the world during this time of the year. Here are 7 countries you need to visit during the fall.

Livingston, Zambia
Take a leap of faith, literally, at Victoria Falls in Zambia during the dry season (September to December). During the autumn months, the Zambezi River is at its lowest and slowest peak, creating a natural pool that visitors can dive into and safely peer over over the lip of the falls without being swept away.Tourists_swimming_at_Victoria_Falls


Alba, Italy
Truffles- it’s quite a delectable affair. In northwest Italy, truffle hunters set out for the woodlands with their hounds each fall to sniff out “white gold” or the prized white Alba truffle. Every weekend from October to mid-November, the Alba International White Truffle Fair takes off in honor of the pungent tuber. Visitors can enjoy truffle-infused olive oil, sea salt, butter, creams and more at the world market and enjoy the unique festivities.Black.summer.truffle.arp


Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
When September rolls around in Fiordland National Park, spring weather is what visitors can experience at this World Heritage Site.  Get ready for waterfalls, rain forests and a spectacular glacier carved sound – home to dolphins, seals, penguins and other wondrous marine life. It’s not your typical fall foliage!Fiordland_National_Park,_New_Zealand


Dahab, Egypt
This bustling little Bedouin coastal city is unbearably hot during the dog days of summer, but by September, the temperatures couldn’t get any better as they drop for the fall. Spend your days diving Dahab’s world renowned reefs and hike the Coloured Canyon- the perfect place to never be indoors!Blue_Hole_2005


Rhodes, Greece
You can’t go wrong with any Greek island, but Rhodes has a special medieval charm, and once September hits, the tourists disappear. Not only will you have the narrow alleyways, mesmerizing architecture and views to yourself, but check out Petaloudes (Butterfly Valley) where you can comb lush green gardens with no crowds to be seen during the autumn months.8859633422_913eb3008d_o


Lanzarote, Canary Islands
You are going to get a desert vibe here, but come fall, the north easterly trade winds start blowing and those hot desert temperatures drop considerably. Enjoy low crowds and spend your time traversing the island’s stunning volcanic peaks at Timanfaya National Park.Camelus_dromedarius_-_dromedary_-_Dromedar_-_dromadaire_-_Timanfaya_national_park_-_Lanzarote_-_01


Dubrovnik, Croatia
The fall is the time to visit Dubrovnik, when the atmosphere becomes quite laid back and life slows down. The warm Adriatic sea is perfect for swimming and the humidity dies down considerably.Dubrovnik, Croatia


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