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Welcome to this week’s edition of GET LOST.  Every week, I will analyze a new city that you might not have thought of visiting, and highlight the reasons you might travel and enjoy this new location!

Where is Capri?
Italy—an island in the bay of Naples

Best Time to Visit?
To avoid the hot summer months and highest tourist clutter, visit in April, May, September, and October.

How do you get there?
Capri is an island—so naturally you would travel there by boat!  Daily ferries leave from Naples, Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento.  Getting around is easy once you’re there – this tiny island is only around 3x the size of Central Park in NYC.

What to do when you get there:
Relax and enjoy the view!  Not only is this a very cool, hip place to visit, but there are many ways to see it.  For a small price, you can rent your own motorboat to see the islands sites from the water, swim, take a water taxi, or just walk.  In the summer the art scene is fairly active, with nightly concerts and events in its squares.  Not to mention, it’s Italy, so you should probably eat as much as you can manage.

The island of Capri is a GORGEOUS picturesque island, known for being the location where Odysseus nearly gave in to the sirens’ song.  Walk the small winding streets to explore sun-bleached buildings overlooking cerulean seas sparkling into the distance.  It is not a location that should be overlooked!


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