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Best Coffee Cities in the US

What is it about coffee that you love the most? The smell? The taste? The jitters? If you’re a coffee snob and looking for the ultimate buzz bean experience, look no further. Pretentious cities in the U.S. have kicked out Folgers and Maxwell House and welcomed an aroma of international java. Coffee culture rule these cities offering nothing but the best of global, organic beans. Grab a book and latte, and relax, as you experience the best java jolts in America.

Seattle, Washington
Snarky Seattleites know coffee. With a coffee shop located on every block and street corner you’ll find the locals sippin’ it at the quaint mom-and-pop coffee shops. The tourists flock to the original Starbuck’s, which is super cool, but with so much coffee to explore, it’s best to sign up for the Seattle Latte Tour.

Portland, Oregon
The Northwest crushes the rest of the country when it comes to a good cup of Joe. Stumptown Coffee, founded in Portland, is known as the best cup one will find in the Pacific Northwest. The smooth and rich coffee is similar to drinking chocolate milk – it’s sweet, delicious and everyone loves it.

San Francisco, California
The City by the Bay is sparking caffeine highs from Height Ashbury to the Financial District. Known for local chain, Peet’s Coffee, San Fran offers fine Italian beans found at Caffe Trieste and Steps of Rome.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
For all the landlocked people that pay $20 per pound of Kona coffee, sniff, sip and bulk purchase your coffee on the Big Island. Hawaii’s volcanic soil is ideal for the Kona coffee crop, which is why the taste is pure and one-of-a-kind. For a plantation tour, book a trip with Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation.

New York City
Everything is wonderful and rich in New York, including the coffee. The coffee is cheaper than the Northwest, but is still rich in flavor. Look for the sleek stand up espresso stalls if the café is buzzing with long lines.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Nothing screams France other than espresso and a beignets. French for “fritter” get some southern comfort of fried dough sprinkled with powder sugar. Wash down that tasty bit with a cup of southern sweet French pressed coffee.

Providence, Rhode Island
Providence is the birthplace for coffee syrup. If you like your coffee sweet and creamy, there’s plenty of flavored corn syrup to go around. And nothing says America more than a classic Dunkin Donut coffee. Providence is one of the highest populated city in the U.S. with Dunkin’ Donut branches.



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