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GET LOST: Granada

Welcome to this week’s edition of GET LOST.  Every week, I will analyze a new city that you might not have thought of visiting, and highlight the reasons you might travel and enjoy this new location!

Where is Granada?
Spain—at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Best Time to Visit?
Spring!  The sun is shining and the scent or orange blossoms will be heavy in the air.

How do you get there?
Spain has an excellent public transportation system.  The Altaria High-Speed train can take you from nearly any major city in Spain.

What to do when you get there:
Visit the Alhambra!  This amazing monastery is considered by some to be one of the 10 wonders of the world, and only allows a certain number of visitors per day, which keeps the experience of these huge grounds very quiet and peaceful.  It has gardens of all sorts, art works, and water gardens—sure to be one of the most exquisite sights a person can see.  Beyond the Alhambra, the city is alive with restaurants and locally owned shops, combining modern tourism with organic historical charm.

Don’t miss Granada in your Spanish travels.


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