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Savor These 8 Exotic Dishes from Around the World

Eating is a huge part of the travel experience and nothing is more memorable than biting into foreign deliciousness that you can’t find back home. But some exotic delicacies are pretty, well, exotic. Here are 8 dishes from around the world that’ll totally tantalize your taste buds.

Sheep Testicles
Known as ‘mountain oysters’ in Hokitika, New Zealand it begs the question…do sheep balls share the same slimy texture as oysters going down the hatch?

Beating Cobra Heart
You’re not a badass until you gulp down the freshly plucked, beating heart of a majestic cobra. You will leave Indonesia feeling like a snake god that has conquered the earth, because it is believed that indulging in this practice will infuse the snake’s spirit into your own.

When in Iceland during a special occasion or festival, prepare to cross “eat rotting shark flesh” off that bucket list. Yup, this rancid delicacy is prepared by burying a shark for six to eight weeks long (tummy gurgling yet?) and then curing the rotten flesh in the open air for two months…bon appetit!sharks_gshark_hakarl1

Stinky is an understatement when it comes to this Southeast Asian delicacy. Smells so bad, public consumption is banned. Think hot trash, stale vomit and rotten onions combined….but supposedly it tastes quite yummy. Hold your nose and take a nibble.

Casu Marzu
You’re not a true cheese connoisseur until youv’e bit into this stinky sheep’s milk cheese found in Sardinia. What makes this cheese so special? It wriggles. Maggots are added to the cheese to break down the fats for a gooey result. But don’t forget this important rule of thumb – if the worms are dead then the cheese is not safe to consume. So what’s a casu marzu lover to do? Simple: scarf it down, wiggly worms and all.Casu-Marzu

Monkey Brains
I have a problem with the consumption of highly intelligent animal brains, especially ones that are closely related to humans, but nonetheless the practice of eating monkey brains is still practiced in China, Africa and south Asia to this day.

Duck Egg
That doesn’t sound so bad…just throw it on a pan and scramble up some tasty eggs. Wrong. Try fertilized duck eggs, found in the Philippines and Vietnam. Peel away the shell and you’ve got one protein packed, fully developed duckling ready to swallow.

Bat Soup
Got the sniffles? Then ladle up a hot steamy bowl of bat soup, complete with one, fully intact fruit bat. This is a special dish found in Guam, where the bat is caught and cooked in a pot till well done.…and yes, I said fully intact bat.


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