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8 Globetrotters You Should Be Following on Instagram

With more than 100 million registered users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms around. Not surprisingly, the online image-sharing juggernaut has been fairly popular with world travelers. Here are some of our favorite Instagram globetrotters.

There are few places in the world more photogenic than Iceland, and this talented nature photographer has captured hundreds of spellbinding shots throughout the volcanic nation. Whether they’re shot in the summertime or the dead of winter, Anna’s pics depict a natural landscape unlike any other on Earth.

If you dig aerial photography, Björn Kindler is your man. He’s been an active ‘Grammer since May 2011, and his collection features an array of breathtaking overhead shots taken throughout Europe ― as well as a few kitties and puppies, if that’s your thing.

Rob Lloyd (who also hosts a travel blog called Stop Having a Boring Life) loves golf, fishing, cuisine, and interesting architecture. In other words, Instagram was created for account-holders like him.

You won’t find a lot of lions and zebras on this account. Instead, the gallery features hundreds of stunning (and, at times, sobering) images depicting the people of Africa; past subjects include a shrimp fisherman on the Volta River, bus mechanics playing volleyball in Addis Ababa, a bicycle vendor in Dar Es Salaam, and members of a brass band in Cape Town.

Everyone has their preferred medium for showcasing world travels ― and for Jodi Ettenberg, it’s food, glorious food. Whether her subject is snails from from Vietnam, oysters from New York City, or meringue pastries from London, it’s best to steer clear from this account if you haven’t eaten lunch yet.

This young man puts a clever spin on travel photography: nearly every shot in Murad’s Instagram gallery depicts him literally being led by his lovely girlfriend. The couple’s past destinations have included the Alhambra, San Sabastian, and Disneyland. Be warned that some of the pics are slightly NSFW ― the missus seems to enjoy skimpy swimwear, apparently.

Yes, her name is Seattle ― but as she notes on Instagram, she’s actually from Toronto. Since January 2013, she’s posted pics from Jordan, Kenya, Paris, Tobago, and Niagara Falls. Seattle also hosts an extensive travel blog of the same name.

Caz and Craig are a couple of crazy Aussie kids who haven’t let parenthood get in the way of their travels ― in fact, daughters Kaylra and Savahhan figure quite prominently in their gallery. They’ve posted pics from Thailand, Zambia, and a number of other international destinations, but YTravel also features hundreds of stunning shots from Caz and Craig’s native land of Australia.


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