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Break the Back-to-School Blues

It’s that time of year again, when the days get shorter and the textbooks get more expensive; it’s back-to-school season. But don’t start tearing up just yet, going back to school means more opportunities to learn (both inside and outside the classroom), different adventures to pursue, and plenty of fun to be had. And to help you break those back-to-school blues, is a list of 6 tips to make the most out of your next semester:

Use Your Open Schedule to Your Advantage
The college lifestyle can be a busy one. Between midterms, part-time jobs, and tailgates, how do you find the time to sleep? But an advantage to this often-hectic lifestyle is that it’s flexible. Find the time now to squeeze in a couple thirty-minute runs, or a daily workout routine, and make a habit out of it. It may take a few weeks, but once you start feeling the difference in your day that exercise provides,  you’ll have no trouble finding the time.

Join / Start a Club
One of the greatest resources a college can provide is ample opportunity to have new experiences and meet new people. There is most likely an array of different clubs and organizations throughout your school that give you a time and place to do such things. Scour the website and cork-boards for anything of interest. Don’t see what you want? A funded club of your own is only an application and a few signatures away.

Start Waking Up Early
It can be hard to wake up early without a reason. Take advantage of your ability to schedule your own classes. Not really a morning person you say? Well try out an easier elective like lap swimming 1 or ultimate Frisbee at 7:00 a.m.; once you get into the habit of having the full day ahead of you, you’ll be shocked at how much you can get done.

Plan Ahead to Play Free
Alright, to start thinking about winter break before the semester even starts does seem like it may encourage the back-to-school blues, but wait. It is a fairly unique circumstance to have a scheduling opportunity like the one a four-month semester provides. Start planning your winter break adventure now and increase your chances to save up more money; get cheaper tickets, passes, or reservations; and for an overall likelihood of doing something unforgettable. Keep your eyes on the prize, do your homework, and reap the benefits at the end.

Never Say No
Now, this one has it’s obvious exceptions, but the point is that there’s no guarantee you’ll ever be in a situation like you are in now. Not just the college lifestyle all together, but specifically the many opportunities to learn, experience new things, and grow. In college, these opportunities sit on a buffet table waiting to be chosen; where in the “real-world” its more like ordering off a menu you can’t always read clearly. Take advantage of it as much as you can and get a little taste of everything before you really dig into something.

If you do anything with your educational process, it should be networking. Get out and meet people! Whether it’s climbing some crag with a new climbing partner, or staying behind to talk to a professor; forget the diploma, what you really get from your college experience is the influence that others gave you and some contact information that could one day change your life. You don’t have to take it all so seriously though, just be open to meet people and your network will build itself.


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