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Best Travel Gear of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2013

If there’s anyone in the world who understands the demands that travelers have on their gear, it’s us. We’ve spent our entire life as a business, researching their needs; it’s not just who we are as a company, but it’s who we are as people (so in a sense, we’re kind of doing all that research for ourselves…but with company money…)

Anyhow, part of that tradition of staying on top of the trends in travel fashion and technology is to attend many tradeshows throughout the year. One of those tradeshows is Outdoor Retailer, a bi-annual event in Salt Lake City dedicated to unveiling the newest, most innovative outdoor and travel products.

Our mission at these shows is to unearth product innovations that not only enhance life on the trail, but on the way to it. Each year, we come back – bellies full of beer and cameras full of megapixels – ready to present to you, the latest and greatest in travel gear. Here’s a shout out to some of those.



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