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7 Tips to Keep Your Stuff Safe While Camping

campingYou come back to your lovely campsite after a long day of hiking and freeze in sheer horror. The contents of your carefully packed cooler are shredded and strewn across the earth. There’s a long, jagged hole stretching from one side of your tent to the other where someone took a knife to it. And then it hits you- “why the hell did I leave my wallet, phone and camera in there….”

Here are 7 tips to keep your stuff safe while camping.

Get to know your neighbors

You found your campsite, got everything set up, now you look to your left then turn to the right to scope out the neighbors. Don’t be shy- go say hello and introduce yourself. Not only is it a good idea to get a feel for how trustworthy they may be, but buddying up is good because you both can watch out for each other’s campsites if someone decides to leave for a bit.

Leave it in the car

Your tent is not the place to keep electronics and other valuables, and even if you lock the zippers, a nice knife slash on the tent will result in lost stuff and lost tent. Lock it up in that automobile of yours! Pinpoint a hidden spot in your car for everyone to stash items so it’s easily accessible. No car? Check out Pacsafe’s 140L Backpack Protector with the smart eXomesh cage system to keep sneaky fingers away.

Check it

As in make a checklist. If you really want to keep track of your belongs create a list of everything you’ve brought with you and do a quick little count to make sure everything is secure.

Leave your fancy shmancy gadgets at home

Come on…do you really need your Ipad while enjoying the great outdoors? The less you bring the less attention you attract to your campsite.

Get informed

Do your research before you go. Camp robberies are on the rise, so talk to camp staff about problems they’ve had in the past. Usually, they will alert campers if something fishy is going on.

Critter crisis

Some unwanted visitors may not want your possessions, but they do want your food.  Use common sense and don’t leave treats lying around, and especially don’t leave any in your tent. Ever had a raccoon in your camp? They are a lot smarter than you think when it comes to overcoming food barriers. The Wrapsafe Adjustable Cable Lock isn’t just great to locking up a cooler, but for bikes, big gear and more.

Go big or go home.

Break out the booby traps…and I mean alligator pits, bear traps, hidden nets…the big boy stuff.  Ain’t nobody gettin’ near your campsite! But on a serious note, just be smart and use common sense. And most importantly, have fun!


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