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6 Lesser Known Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is the stuff of dreams- A corona, sapphire water and umbrella in the sand. Problem is, everyone wants paradise, making the Caribbean a popular destination for cruise ships to dump tourists and resorts to speckle the shoreline. Want to find your own, untouched Caribbean paradise? Here are 6 lesser-known islands that’ll have you popping that corona cap in no time.

This northeast Dominican Republic province is a tropical gem, boasting a small population of around 100,000 people. Not only is it relatively uncrowded, but the beauty of the land is top notch with swaying palms, empty beaches and turquoise water. Love whales? Here’s a cool fact- Samana’s surrounding water is a huge breeding area for humpback whales from January to March.1

Also known as the Nature Island, the name says it all. Two-third’s of Dominica is covered with lush tropical rainforest and rivers, lakes and waterfalls galore. This pristine island is tucked along the Eastern Caribbean archipelago and is sparsely populated, making for the perfect trek off the beaten path.2

Looking for seclusion in paradise? A trip to Saba should do the trick. This tiny island has an incredibly small population with plenty to do and fantastic snorkel and scuba to experiences. Savor the beauty of the untouched landscapes and beaches of Saba, including the looming active volcano, Mount Scenery.3

La Desirade is part of the French West Indies, located at the eastern end of Guadelope, known as the least developed and least visited of this island bunch. Of course, you get the dreamlike beaches famous of the Caribbean, and there is exceptional diving since many of the shore lines are protected by reefs…just make sure to bring your own equipment (there are no rentals in this neck of the woods).4

Isla de la Juventud
Here’s a lesser-known island that mixes unspoiled wilderness with social charm. Hang with the locals in the capital, Nueva Gerona, or explore the southern half of the island where wildlife is abundant and the scuba diving is rich.5

Mountainous rain forests, coastal mangroves, brilliant blue water and black sand beaches are just a few of the breathtaking sights to behold in European influenced Grenada. This island lies at the bottom of the Winward Islands with a small population and a long, vibrant history.6


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