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7 of the Most Pristine Places on Earth

Amidst overpopulated continents, heavily trodden pathways and overdeveloped wilderness, it may be hard to believe that a few unspoiled lands still exist, remaining as pure as the day they came into being. Here are 7 places on earth that continue stay wild at heart.

In Namibia, the population may be small, but the preservation of the ecosystem is huge. Known as one of the least human populated places on earth, these southern lands in Africa boasts the tremendous Namib Desert, which features towering dunes, ancient petroglyphs, waterfalls and a quarter of the world’s cheetah population.

1 Sossusvlei-Deadvlei

Miles upon miles of pure white sand beaches, thick lush tropical flora, and unique animal species dwell on this island with little disturbance from visitors. How is this possible? About 50% of Seychelles is preserved- the largest land conservation in the world. Anyone else think we should follow their lead? Because I do.

2 jmhullot

Daintree National Park, Australia
What makes this National Park different form the rest? Well, it has seen its share of history, that’s for sure. This 110 million-year-old rainforest located in North Queensland, Australia is one of the earth’s oldest ecosystems. Better yet- it has remained perfectly preserved, with some plant and tree inhabitants over 2,500 years old.

3 daintree

Atacama Desert, Chile
This place is so remote and unusual that NASA designs Mars tests on this lifeless desert land…and when I say lifeless, I mean it- No rain and high altitude means dry air, no clouds and lack of light pollution and radio interference. It stretches over 40,000 sq. miles made up of poor soil, salt basins and lava.

4 desert

Fiordland, New Zealand
Due to the rugged, craggy landscape of this southern region, permanent human populations have not really taken root. But man, is it beautiful. Towering mountains, green fields and rocky waterways make for picturesque views, not to mention the region ‘s air currents hail from Antarctica for some the cleanest, crispest air on earth.

5 Fiordland

Galapagos Islands
The unspoiled wilderness of the Galapagos Islands has charmed travelers for ages. Aside from a rich variety of unique animal species ranging from giant tortoises to salty iguanas, sea lions and penguins- it is imperative that the islands remain as pristine as possible, and the small human population that resides there makes sure of it.

6 iguana

The winner of most unspoiled goes to Antarctica. Sure, a lot of people read about, know about and dream about it, but few will venture out there. Being situated at the bottom of the world has its perks when it comes to remaining nice and clean. It is uninhabitable for the most part, and only the penguins love the extremely cold, windy and dry conditions of the mystical Arctic.

7 Mt_Herschel_Antarctica


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