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10 Tricks to Budgeting Your Trip to Thailand

Bangkok is the bustling hub for basically the whole continent of Asia. Here, every flavor of traveler can be seen rushing to business meetings, sitting on a tour boats in putrid, city water, or watching it all wiz by on the side of the road with a huge pack. This article will be catering more to the last mentioned traveler. They are in Thailand for my favorite reason; carefree adventure. Chances are that this type of traveler, like me, will not have any kind of fortune saved up for this excursion. Thailand is all about seeing and doing the new and exciting things that you couldn’t even dream of! I lived there for year and learned a few tricks about the Thai people and the country in general. Thailand is not an expensive country by any means, but if you budget well and use a few of these tricks, you’ll be spending close to noting in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Let me share them with you.

bangkok11. Always agree on the price first – Mainly for non-metered taxi cabs, song-taos (mini pickup trucks stuffed to the brim with clients), and tuk-tuks (three-wheeled motorcycles). Be prepared for heated arguments over chump change (like $1) if you don’t heed this trick. You’ll be surprised how upset you can get over it all. Be sure to set a clear price before getting into the vehicle. This rule can apply to almost anything by the way so be careful.

2. Walk – Thai people are soooooo lazy. They will hop on their motor bikes, with the whole family like in a circus, just to drive 4 blocks. Save cab fare by walking a little in many situations.

3. Eat at local restaurants – They taste better and they are cheaper. It’s a win, win; as long as you have a good travel stomach on ya.

4. Steer clear of guys shouting “pop, pop, you like ping pong show” – As fascinating of an experience these shows are (if you don’t know, go to Thailand) they will run you a pretty penny.

5. Shop around for a guesthouse – Many of them are similar quality and charge different amounts.

6. Learn some Thai Language – I have never visited a country were the locals appreciated my horrible language learning ability more. Thai people would usually compliment my “amazing’’ Thai abilities just after a simple greeting (giving me a better price)

7. Stay away from lady-boys –These boys called “Katoi,” will usually end up ripping you off in one way or another.

8. Keep clear of big name hotels – Tourists pay more in Thailand. It’s a fact. Hotels take full advantage of this.

9. Make local friends – Thai people are super friendly, so get out there and have a few sow you some good deals on souvenirs.

10. Just go to Thailand – It’s a very amazing country that is full of inexpensive thrills!


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