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6 Things Not to do When Traveling Abroad

Kids, don’t try this at home…err, abroad. Here are 6 travel fails that landed tourists in hot water.


dont1Keep the Memorable Name Carving for a Tree with your Lover

Chinese teen Ding Jinhao just wanted to leave his mark after visiting the 3,500-year-old Temple of Luxor in Egypt, and scratched ‘Din Jinhao was here’ in messy mandarin across the ancient wall. Little did he know, the vandalism would spark international outrage. Poor Jinhao was exposed by a Chinese blogger and became a target for hackers. Eventually, the aspiring graffiti artist apologized with his poor parents pleading for forgiveness.


dont2Don’t…Just don’t do this.

Ok, I’m actually not mad, just really impressed (and envious). This cray adventure took place at Australia’s Queensland Sea World when a couple of intoxicated young Welshmen and an Aussie teen broke in one night, swam with dolphins, set off a fire extinguisher in the shark tank and kidnapped a cute little penguin named Dirk. After chilling with Dirk all night, the hungover boys released him into a canal. In the end, they were fined and don’t worry- good ol’ Dirk was rescued.


dont3Traveling Light Does Not Mean Travel Naked

All it took was a bet and some man pride, and a 19-year-old Aussie set off with one exhilarating quest: to travel throughout Europe completely naked. The unveiled voyager made it through 10 countries before he was chased by police through a train station in Munich and apprehended. At least he’s got a sweet story for the grandkids one day.


dont4Or Getting Angry and Naked….

American John E. Brennan got a little peeved during his pre-flight pat-down at Portland International Airport last year, and protested by taking it all off right there in the middle of the airport.  He was arrested for exposing himself and is now entrenched in a weary legal battle pinpointing the air travel First Amendment Rights.


dont5Don’t Try to Pull an Ocean’s Eleven

Take a lesson from American cruise passenger Kevin Hudgeons who strolled aboard the Norwegian Star in Bermuda with a large, $13,000 copy of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. After pulling every excuse in the book, going as far as to say he painted the masterpiece himself, Hudgeons was busted by police when video footage revealed him simply taking the painting off a wall and walking away. Was this guy crazy or just incredibly confident? Nah- turns out he was recovering from drug addiction and was on a mood altering withdrawal medication.


dont6Here’s one I learned in Venice, Italy….



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