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6 Disappointing Tourist Attractions

It isn’t a horrible idea to be a little tacky and touristy from time to time, when you’re a tourist, you’re a tourist…there isn’t much way around it.  But have you ever gotten really hyped up for a tourist destination just to get let down?  There you are, all ready to be culturally enriched and lifechanged and there the attraction is—not really that lifechanging, or even that noteworthy.  Yeesh.  Well just to forewarn you, here are some tourist destinations not to set your hopes high for.  Not to say that you shouldn’t see them (pardon the double negative), we’re just trying to make sure you get let down easy.


1 niagraNiagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Everyone says the Canadian side is better.  That may visually be true, but in reality, neither side is better-they both stink.  Kind of literally, actually.  Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada has taken advantage of this tourist attraction to the max, and the falls are an unfortunate cut out display of paradise entirely surrounded by casinos, dirty souvenir shops, terrible breakfast buffets, and dingy overpriced hotels.


white house1The White House, Washington DC

The Presidential house is a pretty cool concept, but the house itself is fairly unimpressive.  It literally is simply a white house, a sight that leaves you shrugging your shoulders and thinking to yourself “huh, well, at least the name wasn’t lying?”…if in DC, you should still go see it, but there are definitely cooler things to see and do.  Smithsonian, anyone?


Hollywood freeway 376007Hollywood, California

Lights, camera, action.  California is known to be over the top, which makes one wonder why Hollywood just kind of…isn’t.  Traipse through the dirty streets past endless old souvenir shops and strip joints and you’ll know exactly what I mean.  You’d think such a money-filled famous town could afford to clean itself up, but think again.


louvre1The Louvre, Mona Lisa

I fully admit that perhaps I do not fully appreciate fine art, but this display is a little ridiculous.  You pay inordinate amounts of cash and wait in long lines to see this painting, but in reality not only is the artwork very small dark, but it is also very protected behind layers of glass and other protectants.  You’d get a better view of it googling the picture in your smart phone while you’re waiting in line.


4 cornersThe Four Corners

The idea that in one location, you can be in 4 different states is pretty cool.  But that’s about where they excitement ends, with you just kind of standing there feeling awesome.  Hmm.  Not to mention, at the four corners (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona) you aren’t ACTUALLY standing at the geographical four corners.  Due to primitive technology at the time of establishment, the monument actually wasn’t set up at the location it was meant to be.  It has been ruled by the Supreme Court that it is “technically” border, but literally, still no.  Lame.


mtn roadMountains you can drive up

I don’t mean to be personally offensive (actually, maybe I do) but this bit is to those of you with bumper stickers that boast “This car has been to the top of Mt. …”  Awesome.  Well, for those of you who don’t like traffic, imagine being stuck in a jam.  14,000 feet in the air.  A little crazy?  I agree.  It also sucks as a hiker to get to the top of one of these peaks, having labored all morning and day, simply to see a gift shop at the top with tourists shuffling around in flip flops eating French Fries.  Come on guys.  Examples of mountains you can drive up in the US are Mount Washington in New Hampshire, and Mount Evans, the highest paved road in the US.


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