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New Zealand- The Most Beautiful Corner of the World

New Zealand
Known as the most beautiful corner in the world, New Zealand offers people untouched nature, recreational activities, and rich indigenous heritage that has lasted throughout the ages.  New Zealand is the land of zealous, a world of wonder with enthusiasm and passion from the skyscrapers in Auckland to the volcanoes of Tongariro National Park, New Zealand is nirvana.

Tongariro National Park copyTongariro National Park
One of the first National Parks, Tongariro proclaims itself with three active volcanoes, Tongariro, its namesake, as well as Ruapehu, and Ngauruhoe.  Amongst the majestic Lake Rotopouamu and nearby Mt Pihanga that beholds rich mythology of its Māori cultural heritage, this area flourishes with biodiversity and was added to the national park in 1975. The Department of Conservation has established a community-based project to help protect this UNESCO World Heritage Site and revered nature of this land. Visitors looking for recreation are encouraged to ski at Whakapapa, and try local “tramping” that is hiking overnight with sustainable gear throughout New Zealand’s backcountry.

South Island copySouth Island Climbing & Bouldering
Outdoor enthusiasts looking to do some climbing and bouldering are encouraged to visit the south Island.  Castle Hill, known for its world famous bouldering and amazing Limestone rocks was named a “Spiritual Center of the Universe” by The Dalai Lama and exhibits limestone crags that offer a range of easily accessible bouldering and picnic areas.  Laying on the north most end of the South Island, Paynes Ford is the place to go for limestone sport routes with lots of technical overhangs accompanied with breathtaking views. Temples of Stone is the highlighted route. An awesome 5.9 sport, this route gives rewarding jugs as you traverse your way to the top of the 85-foot wall overlooking mountains and rivers.

Auckland copyAuckland, A city unlike any other
An eccentric city with a fusion of Asian, Polynesian, and European cultures, Auckland is truly a one of a kind.  Defined by a eclectic mix of Māori and western cultures Tāmaki Makaurau(Auckland in Maori) is a youthful city that encompasses wonderful natural wonders among a bustling metropolis with tons of museums, restaurants, and bars. With the majority of its inhabitants being in their early thirties, Auckland has created an energized culture that is known for creating its own music and sports that are up to par with other westernized nations. Their rugby team is a huge part of their culture as well as New Zealand having their own renowned artists, musicians, and fashion designers.  If you’re looking for a little more energy then the majestic countryside, Auckland will surely fulfill any endeavor.

Karekare copyKarekare, New Zealand
Looking for place to escape from the city life of Auckland? Karekare is the place to go. A calm quite settlement where the Waitakere hills run into the black sand beaches of Tasman Sea, Karekare has gained much fame from being portrayed in popular media songs and movies. Although expectations have been set high, the trueness of its land still manages to surpass the assumptions of its beauty and its vitality that breed’s fortitude and serenity into any onlooker. These breathtaking beaches were created when hot lava was quickly cooled by the aligned ocean. Another spectacle is the impressive Karekare falls that are only a minute’s walk from Karekare beach parking lot.

Fiordland copyFiordland National Park
Located on the most southwest section of New Zealand’s South Island, Fiordland National Park is a wonder to witness.  It is New Zealand’s largest national park and is most known for its massive fiord’s that transcend up to 2,000 meters alongside mammoth waterfalls making these spectacular drops into the black fiords.  New Zealand second UNESCO World Heritage Site, these ice-carved fiords are truly a wonder of the world. Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound, and Dusky Sound are some of the most dramatic that are conjoined with massive mountain peaks. With the ability to be able to ski one day and then snorkel the next, New Zealand offers year-round fun for people from all walks a life.

Waitomo copyThe glow worm caves of Waitomo
Waitomo, a Māori word, “wai” meaning water and “tomo” meaning entrance to a hole is the name giving to fantastic world destination of caves located on the North Island of New Zealand.  What makes these caves so special is not only their fantastic limestone geology that has been created for over 30 million years, but their native inhabitants.  Arachnocampa luminosa, or more commonly, glowworms hang from the ceiling walls and illuminate the remarkable formations of limestone.  These wonderful creatures give off a shimmering light that brings to life this labyrinth of a lost world. There are several guided tours that take visitors through many levels of the subterranean caves where you will witness alien like plants and animals and be amazed by the cathedral rooms and grottos that lie underneath New Zealand’s beautiful surface.

By Carolyn Dean



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