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Must Needed Equipment for Awesome Landscape Photos

126406563When out and about, you and your best friend, DSLR, are taking a stroll through amazing landscapes looking for the best shot and angle. Low and behold you find some glitches in your photos like blurry or over exposed shots thanks to that darn mid-day sun. Although the best time of days to shoot is sunrise and sunset, not everyone will have that opportunity or be present during those select hours. On your next photo outing, make sure you bring equipment that is vital to snapping that one-of-a-kind shot.

Neutral Density Filter
For those who are shooting during mid-day sun, this is the best investment one can make for stellar photos. Neutral density filters are available as either a lens cap or in a two-tone rectangular filter, known as a graduated neutral density filter, which is held in front of the camera. Various soft and hard edges available to assist in light changes. This is perfect to overcome those battles with overexposed skies, waterfalls or oceans.

The tripod is another great investment to say goodbye to blurry photos. Cameras can even sense small vibrations from hand; therefore, if you want stellar photos, get a tripod. Blurry photos often happen during low to no light situations or when there is a long shutter speed. Depending on the tripods capabilities, the camera can get in low and steady angles to capture those hard to get angles. Want long exposed waterfall shots? Get a tripod. Shooting for the stars? Get a tripod. Are you understanding the importance of a tripod yet?

Macro Extension Tubes
For those that like to shoot the birds and the bees, or close-up macro shots, get a Macro Extension Tube. Ideally, a macro lens is the best, but most people cannot afford another expensive lens that has one function, macro shots. Various tube sets are available so you can extend your lens as farther with each tube. Extension tubes do not affect image quality.

Lens Hood
Lens hoods are used to block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare. Hoods are beneficial when shooting in bright, sunny areas. Photos are known to have deeper saturation and richer colors. Lens hoods also protect the lens from fingerprints or debris.

Extra Memory Cards and Batteries
When out for long days, especially when shooting long exposed shots, it is important to have backup batteries and memory cards. You never know when it will come in handy.


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