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10 Incredible Wildflower Hikes

How about instead of buying your significant other flowers (or stealing them from your neighbor’s garden—shame on you), you give them a whole lush, green paradise of brightly colored flowering buds backed by mountains, or even better yet, more lush green fields filled with vibrant petals?  Or maybe you don’t want to share it necessarily, you’d rather simply frolic by yourself with a smile taking up your whole face, singing the sound of music and basically enjoying life.  That’s cool; I have dreams like that too.  Lo and behold, there ARE places in the world that can make these kinds of dreams a reality.  You just have to be at the right place at the right time.

162437229Torres Del Paine, Patagonia
Home to some of the most difficult hikes in Patagonia, but if you can swing it, it is definitely worth it.  In the six to eleven days that you are hiking you are confronted by VAST meadows of wildflowers complimented by some of the most magnificent scenery the world has to offer.
When to trek: September to March

Gregory Bald, Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains are an incredible location for wildflowers in the spring and summer, but Gregory Bald presents perhaps the best collection of flame azaleas on the planet.  The wet and humid climate as well as large array of elevations allow for a different plant, tree or vine to be blooming practically any month during the year.
When to trek: Spring to Mid April to July

Darling Stagger Trail, South Africa
This journey is both nature filled and culturally adventurous.  The trail follows those originally traveled by short necked giraffes and is a slackpacking trail focused on local wines and foods, coincidentally where the name “stagger” came into play.  This trail is one of the Cape West Coast Biosphere trails.
When to trek:  August to September

Hatcher Pass, Alaska

Spring comes late here, but wildflowers bloom late into the summer.  Located in the Talkeetna Mountains, this area is gorgeous year round and is a favorite outdoors playground with interesting local gold mining history.
When to trek:  June to August

Ticino, Switzerland

The Italian speaking region in the Swiss-Italian Alps is one of the country’s least explored territories.  Fields of radiant wildflowers wait to be discovered in the sunnier-than-average climate, backed by the snowcapped Alps.
When to trek: July to August

Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte is known as the wildflower capital of Colorado for a reason.  Get ready to frolic through fields of flowery mountain-y beauty.  Early July even brings a wildflower festival to this beautiful city.
When to trek:  June to August

Bald Hills, Canadian Rockies
This hike is moderate, but the views certainly aren’t.  Imagine fields completely carpeted in wild flowers.  Also, not only do you get a brilliant floral view, but this hike also boasts the best panoramic view of the Maligne Lake trails.
When to trek: Mid to late July

Oahu, Hawaii

This tropical paradise is the perfect place for plant life to flourish, and it certainly does year round.  The warm climate and abundant rains cause new flowers to open every day, so it is as if you hike a different trail every time.
When to trek: Year round

The Burren, County Clare, Ireland

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this wildflower paradise offers amazing views of limestone.  The sunny spring brings blooms forth through the stone and creates an unforgettable, breath taking landscape.
When to trek: Late May

Alta Vista Trail, Mt. Rainier
Vocab lesson: alta vista means “high view.”  This flower filled trek is a great choice for families, as it is easily accessible.  The trailhead starts at a place literally called “paradise”…what else could you ask for?
When to trek:  Blooms peak mid July to late August, whenever the snow melts.


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