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6 Reasons to Consider Medical Tourism


Americans are starting to think outside the box in terms of medical treatment, or should I say, outside the country that is. With soaring costs, ridiculous wait lists, and dissatisfying service, many are traveling to countries where getting the affordable care and treatment needed is not complicated and a breathe of fresh air. Here are 6 reasons to get you amped on medical tourism.

BIG No. 1: The Cost
I freak out at the price of a simple check up, and I know I’m not alone. The outrageous cost of healthcare in the U.S. is a crisis that causes many to go into financial ruin. The good news is that, depending on the procedure you need, you can do it outside of the U.S. for way cheaper. According to Healthbase.com, cardiac bypass surgery in the U.S. can cost well over $100,000. In India, you can get the same procedure done at a 5 star hospital for $10,000. So in the end, you save 90% even after travel expenses for you and a companion. Yes please.

Excellent Doctors
International docs’ are where it’s at. Usually, they’ve been educated at top schools in the U.S. or Europe- who knows, they may have attended the same educational institution as your doctor back home! They are also quite serious when it comes to the quality of their practice. Many international providers are JCI, JCAHO and ISO accredited, and you can browse testimonials on medical tourism sites to see first hand how outstanding other patients experiences were in another country.

Spiffy Hospitals
You’ll like where you stay if you choose to go under the knife abroad. International hospitals have world class facilities where the latest technology is a must for prime patient care. Also, they don’t charge hefty room fees and you can comfortably rest in the hospital under the supervision of your doctor until you feel fit to fly home.

Customer Service
Medical tourism is on the rise, because international providers want to give you the best experience possible and attract more overseas patients. Host countries will make you feel like a king or queen by offering first class accommodations, airport transportation and sometimes they will even cover airfare!

Forget the Long Wait
This is another big reason why some choose to treat abroad. International hospitals have a reputation for shorter wait lists when it comes to high demand surgeries such as spinal or cardiac. Wave good bye to the long wait at home and hop on a plane to get the procedure you need NOW. Also, many of the providers overseas have had extensive practice with some procedures still considered experimental in the U.S., such as stem cell research, certain heart valve transplantation procedures and alternative medicine.

Come on…It’s Kind of Like a Vacation
Think about it! Going overseas? Why not make it a traveling adventure! See some sights and indulge in local culture while seeking medical treatment. The convenience of being able to plan your procedure at home via internet, and fly back and forth quickly ain’t too shabby either, but you can choose where you want to go and enjoy the recovery. Who knew going to the doctor could be so fun?

Be sure to put your passport in an RFID wallet to keep your information safe while traveling.



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