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World's Craziest Beach Parties

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the beach, party style. Each summer, beaches around the globe are flooded with thousands of people dancing amidst the beat-pumping music. Whether you are swaying under the sun or dancing in the moonlight, these are the world’s craziest beach parties to celebrate individuality, freedom and life.

Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza is an island located off the coast of Spain, and is Europe’s capital of summer parties and good-looking people. From chill house grooves to electronica party mixes, there is an atmosphere for every music lover. Playa den Bossa is a popular nightlife destination, which includes bars, cafes and trendy nightclubs that line the beachfront.

Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangnan, Thailand
Thailand is known for many things, including their full moon and half moon party. Get ready for one wild and crazy beach party with fire throwers, flashing lights, fireworks and ten thousand international tourists and locals alike. As you walk the coast you will walk amongst various ambient sounds from reggae, drum and bass, electronica, techno and more. Street vendors are awake all night to sell food to booze-filled bellies. The atmosphere and entertainment are all embracing, and everyone is there to celebrate human life in paradise all under the beautiful lunar.

Mykonos, Greece
Greece is serene by day and energetic by night.  For some tourists, life is a constant cycle of partying till dusk and drinking and dancing till dawn. With so many beaches to sunbath and party at, it maybe best to spend a week to “taste-test” each beach. For a daytime experience hit Tropicana Beach Bar and at night check out Paradise Club at Paradise Beach. Mykonos tops the charts for Europe’s best beach parties and features world renowned DJ’s to keep life alive all day and night. Some claim Mykonos puts Ibiza to shame when it comes to a true beach party.

Zanzibar, Africa
Get wild, in Africa. The stunning beaches of Zanzibar celebrate human existence via their full moon party. Comprising of traditional NGOMA drum and dance groups, this party features a bit of African tradition along with modern day strobe light partying. Get ready for one wild wave of alcohol, dance and beat-pumping music at the Kendwa Rocks dive resort.

South Beach, Miami, Florida
South beach is the primo party spot in the states. From the filthy rich to the broke college student, thousands flock to South Beach for one international party scene. The parties can be pricey, but well worth it when dancing amidst some amazingly hot bodies.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Beach parties is not what usually comes to mind when thinking about the Middle East. But believe it or not, Israel’s open mind is to open to human enjoyment in the beautiful, luxurious Tel Aviv. From pride festival to beach parties, clubs and bars can be found from Tel Aviv Port to Old Jaffa.  This strip of fancy night clubs and bars pump music all day, and all night, long.

While going to these parties, and throwing some yourself, can be a blast make sure your valuables are kept safe! Maybe leave most everything at the room and throw your must-haves into one of our Anti-Theft Travel Wallets.

By Elizabeth Kovar


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