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Top Destinations for the Vegetarian Traveler

Vegetarianism has gained popularity throughout the last several years. It is now common to find at least one veggie friendly option on many menus. No longer do vegetarians have to stash their suitcase full of nuts, energy bars and fruit in these vegetarian-friendly destinations. From Asia to Central America, these are the best destinations stacked with an excess of veggie options, which will even have meat eaters converting on the trip.

India is a vegetarian paradise. Nearly half of the population lives a vegetarian lifestyle and meat is in the minority on many restaurant menus. From samosas to doshas to mango lassi, visitors are welcome to a delectable array of flavorful snacks, meals and desserts. If you love spice and savory meals then India is your number one destination for amazing vegetarian food. Check the local markets for fresh exotic fruit such as mangosteens, mangos and lychees and a variety of other veggie snacks like cashews, banana chips and roasted chickpeas. Just toss them in your Anti Theft Daypack and you’re good to go!

One taste of Thai food straight from the source or street cart, and you’ll be addicted for life. Almost every Thai meal can be made vegetarian by substituting tofu for meat. Red curry, pad Thai, and pineapple fried rice are the must-try meal during your visit. The local fruit stands offer fresh juice, smoothies or whole fruit like dragonfruit, starfruit and stinky fruit, durian.

Pacific Northwest
The tree-hugging northwest is filled earth friendly vegetarians that crave a variety of eastern and western vegetarian meals. Portland is the number one veggie-friendly city in the states where kombucha and meat-free options rule the city. Seattle and Vancouver, BC are large, international cities where you can find an integration of vegan Asian and western style restaurants. Pretty much you can guarantee there are more veggie options than pinecones in the northwest.

Veggie food goes beyond just eating rice and beans. From restaurants to food stalls, there’s more to Mexico than burritos and tacos. Grilled corn, squash quesadillas, stuffed tortillas and guacamoles are some of the local favorites. Save room for fresh fruit and the sun if staying near the coast.

United Kingdom
Yes its true, the UK offers more than fish and chips and beer. From Mediterranean, Asian to local pubs, there’s something for all veggie palates. The Vegetarian Visitor webpage offers a guide to veggie friendly food and hotel options within England, Scotland and Wales.

By Elizabeth Kovar


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