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6 Weird Worldy Superstitions

Superstitions- we all got ‘em. They have been embedded deep in our culture for centuries and some will never die. But things like Friday the 13th, knocking on wood and toasting shot glasses at the bar have got nothin’ on these 6 superstitions from around the world.

Foto-Carlos-Menem-634x425The curse of Carlos Menem
The poor guy never saw this coming in his lifetime- The former president of Argentina was blamed for the country’s devastating economic crash in 2001, and now, he is considered a curse. So much so that his very name is not uttered. Instead, the alias “Mendez” is used. And if the murmurs of “Menem” are heard in the wind, then make sure to follow these specific instructions to avoid bad luck: ladies- touch your left boobie; Men- yup, you guessed it, tap that left testicle!

-inga-festivali-3236902Cry it all out
If you happen to be in Tokyo, make sure to visit the Sensoji Temple for Naki Sumo- a centuries old annual contest. Two opposing sumo wrestlers each hold a baby born the year prior. To win, they hold up their babies and try to make the other’s cry first. This is a sacred prayer ritual for infant health.

billygoatRespect the goat, man!
What do Wrigley Field, The Cubs and a goat have in common? Well, the goat, owned by William “Billy Goat” Sianis, got kicked out of a Cubs World Series game in 1945, and Mr. Sianis cursed the team, stating they would never win a world series until they respected the goat (got all that?). So, guess who still hasn’t won a World Series?

749px-SUPERSTITIONS_AZ15Oh you so superstitious…
If you want superstition coming out of your ears then visit The Superstition Mountains located near Phoenix, AZ. Legend has it these craggy cliff dwellings hold secret stashes of gold, hidden by the mysterious “Lost Dutchman.” Yes, I know- what’s up with a random dutch dude tossing gold in the middle of some rocks, and why is he lost? But alas, travelers from all over the globe make the journey to the desert with dreams of discovering his infamous treasures.

Love lettersCheck out those melons, particularly the right one
In Verona, Italy travelers gather in what is believed to be the residence of the lady of love herself, Shakespeare’s Juliet. Love letters pepper the walls of a courtyard where a bronze statue of Romeo’s lover stands nearby. Desperate for love luck? Give her right breast a nice little squeeze. Who would say no to that?

4521666015_f7d493a01e_oOh Buddha I love you
Ever wonder why everyone’s always running around rubbing fat little Buddha statue bellies? Hop on a plane and fly on over to Hangzhou, China for the answer. Here you’ll find several carved Buddha figurines in Hangzhou’s Lingyin Temple, which has been around since 328 AD. The laughing Buddha resides here, and if you tickle his tummy, good fortune is yours.


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