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7 Unique Ways to Get Around

When you  take the time to think of travel the image of a jet plane, car or just walking may come to mind. But, new modes of unusual yet incredible transportation are raising the bar. Here are 7 interesting ways to get around town.


Forget bridges, just tiptoe your way across on a rope! Slacklining is becoming pretty popular and some experts have even gone to great heights, literally, such as crossing Niagara Falls. Slacklining is different from tightrope walking in that the line is not held taut, allowing more bounce for tricks- great not only for getting around, but to impress that special someone of yours.


Multiple Wheel Bikes
Why stick to the same old two wheel bicycle when you can get a group of buddies to take on an eight wheeler, or for a real pedal party try a 16 wheel bike! Tours around the world offer sightseeing with this method or you can organize a bike and brew for an interesting pub crawl-no designated driver needed!


Dog Sled
This age old travel method has been used in snowy regions for centuries. Sign up for a dog sledding class in Alaska, then “mush” your own troop of furry friends across the ice!


Space Ship
Talk has been floating around in space for a few years now about the reality of space travel for common folk. Oh, and did I mention you also need $200,000 for a ticket? Yea, maybe the commoners time hasn’t come yet….but those with deep pockets are jumping on board, with companies such as Virgin Galactic  ready to blast off with at least 500 interested travelers.

Speeding Downhill
If you were a 90s kid like me, then you know how crucial the Big Wheel was. Now, the saga continues with trike drifting. Start by getting towed behind a van then let go as you plummet downhill, drifting on corners like a pro. It’s a similar concept to downhill skating except with a skateboard. Jump on board and cut down a winding hill at 70 mph on smooth pavement…and don’t fall.


Jet Pack
Besides the mere fact that you get to fly around like James Bond, the fun lasts up to three hours and you can get up to 30 ft high. And if you happen to fall? Water is waiting to catch you down below!


Dolphin Boat
This isn’t a boat painted to look like a cute, smiley dolphin. No, this is the real deal- a dolphin shaped watercraft that dives and can get some serious air. Created by Innespace, the craft can get up to 40mph on the surface and 20mph under water. Also available in the form of a shark and orca whale- oh yeah!


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