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Best Places on Earth to Watch the Sunrise

Sunrise is the time of day where life and daily living begins. For all you morning people out there, now is your chance to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed while gazing at the world’s most beautiful sunrises. From east to west, the eastern sunrise marvels travelers and locals everyday. The next time you visit one of these sunrise hot spots, bring your camera for one heavenly start to your day.

154279323The Taj Mahal | Agra, India
The Taj Mahal is spectacular more ways than words can describe. What looks like a painting in person is a marvelous structure set amidst a one-of-a-kind sunrise. Sunrise is the best time to visit to as each day presents a different color scheme in the sky. Plus, travelers beat the extreme Indian heat during the summer months.

122168166Surfers Paradise | Gold Coast, Australia
Ride a wave and say hello to the morning on some of Australia’s most magnificent beaches. The Gold coast contains 75 kilometers of pristine shoreline and the sun tints the sky and the high-rise buildings with shades of orange, yellow and gold. This eastern coast town is Australia’s hot spot for surf, sand and of course, sunrise.

120749646Grand Canyon | Arizona
Bring your canvas and paintbrush so you can replicate a magnificent, vibrant color scheme hitting the limestone canyon walls. Visitors are treated to hues of purple, pink, gold and red.  Hopi Point and Lipan Point are two sunrise hotspots in the park.

168715626Easter Island | Chile
Often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” Easter Island houses hundreds of monolithic statues created in the 17th Century. As the sun hits the horizon viewers are welcome to a beautiful observation of silhouetted statues. The contrast between the sky, ocean and statutes allow for creative and colorful photographs.

156493975Great Pyramids | Egypt
Take a walk through history as you gaze at the ancient structures while a red blazing ball of gas rises amidst the pyramids. This maybe one of the most spiritual sites in the world and visitors will understand why foundational historical events were created in Egypt.

153066501Great Wall of China | China
Take a walk through ancient history with a unique sunrise. Each morning the trail is welcomed to the circular star that fills the sky with warm and cool color hues. The trail and countryside are lit in a way that unique and pleasant to the eye.


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