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10 Essentials to Know for Panama

The Central America gem, Panama, is calling your name. Tickets are booked, you’re brushing up on that Spanish and you can already taste that savory arroz con pollo upon your tongue. But then it hits you, “what the hell do I pack?”


Pack light
This is a #1 no matter where you travel to on this big beautiful planet. Everyone has his or her own little system to keep their bag from bursting.

Proper Attire
It’s a tropical climate, so lightweight and material is best. Guys-shorts are ok, but make sure to bring some slacks for walking around the city and for nighttime activities. Ladies- stick to length appropriate shorts, long slacks and skirts. Don’t forget standard beach attire and hat!

Money is Money
No need to exchange currency- Panama uses the balboa and it is the same exchange rate as the U.S. dollar, which is also widely accepted in the country.

Different Diets
You never know when your tummy is going to react to the delectable Panamanian cuisine it’s not used to digesting. Hellooo Pepto Bismol and Imodium.


The breathtaking beauty of Panama’s tropical vegetation, wildlife and beaches beckon, so have that camera ready to flash, mi amigo. Don’t forget the extra memory card and batteries.

Leave the Jewels at Home
Here is something NOT essential to bring: Jewelry and valuables. And for some reason you do…

A Padlock
Also good when you want to leave passports and other documents at your hotel.

Lightweight sweater or jacket for nighttime, exploring the highlands or frolicking atop a volcano.

Comfy Shoes
I would bring a pair of comfortable closed shoes for walking and hiking as well as some flip-flops.


A smile
Relax and have fun. Beware of pickpockets- but that’s what the money belt mentioned in #9 is for! Panama is relatively safe, just use common sense as you would anywhere!



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