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6 Shipwrecks that are a Diving Must

Grab your scuba gear and get wrecked with these 6 breathtaking underwater shipwrecks just begging to be explored.

Pelinaion, St. David’s Head, BermudaPelinaion, St. David’s Head, Bermuda
A miscalculation and a reef took out this massive Greek steamer in 1939.  Located a few hundred feet from shore, this wreck has created a haven for sea critters. Grouper have been spotted lurking in the shadows of the ship’s hull and giant tarpon patrol the wreckage.


Shinkoku Maru, Truk Lagoon, MicronesiaShinkoku Maru, Truk Lagoon, Micronesia
This Japanese tanker was a support ship during the attack on Pearl Harbor, but ended up at the bottom of the sea when the U.S. launched a sneak attack on Truk Lagoon in Operation Hailstone a few years later. Now, divers can take in the bright colors and beautiful formations of coral that blanket the ship’s remnants.


USAT Liberty Tulamben IndonesiaUSAT Liberty, Tulamben, Indonesia
Transformed into a thriving coral reef and home to over 400 species of fish, this WWII cargo ship was brought down by a Japanese torpedo, but has become a world renowned dive site due to the spectacular array of sea creatures that hug it’s steely skeleton.


Umbria, SudanUmbria, Sudan
This wreck is the bomb. Literally. Built in 1912, this freighter was transporting over 300,000 bombs to Italian troops before WWII. British troops intercepted the great ship, and instead of risking capture, the Italian troops sent her to the bottom of the Red Sea.  What will you see if you dive down to the ships deck? Bombs, wine bottles, bombs and more wine bottles.


RMS Rhone, British Virgin IslandsRMS Rhone, British Virgin Islands
This 19th century beaut once spliced the waves with a reputation as the fastest ship of her time. Unfortunately, a hurricane rocked her hard in 1867. Now she has the reputation as one of the best dive wrecks in the Caribbean.


The Infidel, Catalina Island, CaliforniaThe Infidel, Catalina Island, California
The poor Infidel tells a tale of gluttony and how it can lead to a miserable fate. This recent wreck found the bottom in 2006 after her captain decided that another haul of squid was imperative, even though the vessel was crammed. Now divers can experience one of the only fully intact wrecks off the California coast.


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