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Find yourself outside: five outdoor activities you may not have heard of


This is the single most awesome thing you can do with a gps. Geocaching is a game where you use a gps to hunt ‘caches’ that other people have hidden. You may also hide your own cache and list its gps coordinates for others to find. To start go to http://www.geocaching.com and register yourself with an awesome handle. You will be signing the logbooks in each cache with said handle. Then grab your gps (if you don’t have a gps you can always get the Geocaching app) and download coordinates for some nearby caches, or caches near an area you are traveling to. Geocaches are located all around the world!


Disc golf
While learning to golf decently can take years, learning to throw a frisbee straight takes much less time. Think less then an hour. So getting out and playing a round of disc golf is not only easy but tons of fun! To play all you need is a frisbee and a course. A course directory can be found at www.pdga.com/course_directory.


By far one of the best activities after doing any sort of endurance sport such as biking, hiking or running. While tubing happens in many forms such as ‘Towed tubing’ where you are dragged by a kite, snowmobile, or even a kite. The type of tubing I’m speaking of is the lazy kind where you float down a river. To do this go to a nearby tire shop and ask for an inner tube for a car wheel, they will usually sell you one for a few dollars. Then find a small to medium sized stream/river and a beer. Tube responsibly!


This activity is all about spotting birds. Around the world there are around 10 thousand different species of birds. In North America 914 different species have so far been recorded to naturally occur. Most people do this as a lesiure activity, going out on weekends to try and spot some new birds to add to their ongoing list of sightings. For a few though it is one of the most intense competitions you could imagine. Starting on January first Birdwatchers will begin their ‘Big Year’ traveling all around North America spotting as many different species of birds as they can in an attempt to break the record of 748.


Popular in Great Britain, coasteering is traveling along the intertidal zone of the coast without the aid of any sort of craft. What is required is a wetsuit, life vest, and a helmet. The fun of it is traveling through a zone where water, waves, rocks, gullies, caves etc all come together to provide a high energy environment. Of course this does require going to the coast, but the sights sounds and adventures will be well worth it.


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