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7 Amazing Underwater Archeological Finds

The legend of the great “City of Atlantis” has intrigued explorers, thrill seekers and archeologists for decades, spawning several discoveries of real-life ancient underwater empires tucked among the sea’s sandy depths for centuries. Here are 7 mystical underwater archeological digs from around the world.


Heracleion, Egypt
It’s still unclear how this great Egyptian City found it’s resting place at the bottom of the great blue sea, but this year, marine archeologists have some well-preserved treasures to share with the world since the initial excavation. Sculptures, giant tablets inscribed in ancient Egyptian and Greek and sarcophagi will help banish myth and bring to light the history of this once prosperous city port.

Port Royal Kingston Harbor, Jamaica
Port Royal represents the remnants of pirate life, dubbed the “Wickedest City on Earth” due to the prostitutes and pirates that once called this bustling English and Dutch port city home. Founded in 1518, the wicked city was one of pleasure, until an earthquake sank the pirate party for good in 1692.

Pavlopetri Peloponnese, Greece
The earliest underwater ruins to ever be discovered, this town covers 300m by 150m of the ocean floor, boasting intact street layouts, courtyards, tombs and buildings. An earthquake was the usual suspect that brought it 6 feet under…literally.


Yonaguni Jima, Japan
Yup, you guessed it- an earthquake rattled this “Japanese Atlantis” about 2,000 years ago and fed it to an angry sea. A local diver first noticed the ruins in 1986, which includes several stone structures and what many believe to be a monolithic pyramid.

Cleopatra’s Palace, Egypt
Legend has it that to avoid capture by the Romans, Cleopatra and Marc Anthony committed suicide together and the Romans, in turn, destroyed their belongings. Could that mean banishing them to the salty depths of the Mediterranean? Three areas have been discovered that may hold their watery tomb.

Kwan Phayao, Thailand
If you dive to the bottom of Lake Phayao you might find yourself sitting atop a 500-year-old Thai temple. Did I mention this lake is a man made, constructed about 70 years ago? Very interesting indeed.

 Mahabalipuram, India
The temples of this age old Indian city were once the stuff of myth and legend, a tale of a flourishing sea port peppered with beautiful temples, flushed into the sea never to be found. But, it is believed that they have been found- thanks to the Indian Ocean tsunami back in 2004. archeologists are digging up some interesting 6ft tall stone structures, covered in intricate and elaborate carvings dating back to  7th century AD.




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