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7 Weirdest Drinks from Around the World

reptiles in a jarHey you, ever drink snake blood? Forget that crisp, tasty beer or sweet caramel apple martini. Why guzzle the same old sugary alcoholic beverages when you can just throw a few bugs, reptiles or rodents into your vodka? Check out 7 of the weirdest drinks from around the world.

Placenta Jelly
Ladies, forget the anti aging cream and Botox…. instead, opt for a nourishing zero calorie drink made from the placenta of a piggy. Japan produces the stuff in 10000mg and 400000mg- in case  you really need your daily placenta. You had me at “jelly”.

Three Lizard Liquor
To develop super powers, find three plump geckos and soak them in some rice liquor, then chug. According to traditional eastern medicine, lizard energy is transferred to the drinker via alcohol.

Bird’s Nest Soda
China is at it again with a refreshing soda made from the nests of cave dwelling birds. Considered a delicacy with a snotty consistency, the birds vomit into their nests to attach them to cave walls. The slimy gunk is extracted to complete this fizzy treat. If it can super glue nests to cave walls, imagine what else bird barf can do.

miceBaby Mice Wine
Suffering from that dreadful common cold? Are liver problems making your life a living hell? Then the answer to your health woes, or any really, is a nice big mug of…pink, hairless baby mice drowned in rice wine. You can find this miracle remedy in China or Korea. Two glasses of this stuff will get you stumbling around drunk in no time.

Seagull Wine
Need to let loose after a long day of hiking, fishing and hunting around the treacherous arctic? Then do as the Eskimos do and chug down some savory seagull juice. Its simple: 1) Find a dead seagull 2) Stuff it in a large jar with water 3) Leave jar in sun until finely fermented.

Snake Blood
Picture an edgier version of a bloody Mary, only this one uses real blood. The folks in South East Asia claim this health-boosting beverage helps libido, vision and more. Got some pesky snakes slithering around your yard? Catch ‘em, slice ‘em, and drain into a cocktail glass. Don’t forget the celery.

bottlesPepsi White
Dear world. Introducing: yogurt flavored Pepsi. Love, Japan.


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