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Best Film Locations from 2012

The opening title comes on. The camera pans past wide landscapes with hills and beautiful building. Sometimes the more spectacular things you’ll see are on the silver screen, but that doesn’t have to be all they are. Ever since the Lord of the Rings movies enticed fans and wanderlust travelers alike to visit New Zealand, going to film locations is a great way to see new places. Here are a few of the best movies from 2012 that you should go see (in person).

IstanbulArgo – Istanbul, Turkey
This movie won many awards and many hearts as the CIA-Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomats got increasingly intense to watch. Bombs, riots and political unrest make up this movie as they move through what is set as revolutionary Iran. The movie was shot in part in the city of Istanbul which is bustling with activity. If you want things to do there, you wont be disappointed – in fact you’ll probably need to narrow down the places you want to see. Be sure to check out the Topkapi Palace, or if you like shopping head over to the Kapalı Çarşı which has been known as the shoppers mecca for years.

IndiaLife of Pi – India

Some claim this movie to be the next Avatar. I wouldn’t say that as I didn’t see any blue people, but I do agree with other claims that this may be one of the most visually stunning movies of 2012. While only the first part of the movie was set in India, it would be hard to pinpoint exactly where his floating island of critters was. India still has some of the best visuals to make any landscape fanatic swoon. If you really want to see some tigers and other animals, why not see the Taipei Zoo where part of the film was shot?

New ZealandThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – New Zealand

What movie film location list would be complete without one of the titles from Peter Jackson? While Frodo’s adventures have been available to people for some time now on DVD, Bilbo’s have eluded us – till now. And what better way to get closer to Middle Earth than journeying to the lands that have inspired these films? New Zealand is a beautiful place with lots of mountains to hike, places to go, and there is a love there for the stories written by Tolkien (plus Lord of the Rings specific tours). Get your passport, grab your venturesafe 25L and let’s go!

By: James Kennedy


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